What makes me laugh? – Short Paragraph

Laughing is the key to a healthy and happy life. I love to sit and laugh with my close friends and family. Everyone has a different laugh and seeing someone else laugh makes us feel good too. But not everything is similarly funny for everyone as we all have a different taste in humour.

  • I laugh the most when I see a comedy movie. The funny characters in the film make me laugh a lot.
  • I find it hilarious when someone mimics the sounds that the animals and birds.
  • Watching cartoons is a favourite thing to do. I laugh a lot while watching Duck-tales and Winnie- the Pooh as all characters are very humours.
  • I also laugh a lot when grandfather makes jokes. He tells stories mixed with silly jokes and our family enjoys laughing while he narrates.
  • I burst into laughter when someone tickles me in my stomach.
  • Sometimes I even laugh at the different laughing style everyone has.

Laughter helps us relieve stress in our mind, but we should never laugh at someone’s distress. Instead of laughing at people we should laugh at people.

By: Saket