Winter Season – Short Paragraph on Winter Season

Winter season is the coldest phase of the year. It starts in Mid- November and goes on till March. During this season the temperatures go as low as zero degrees Celsius. The season is at its peak during December and January. The arrival of winters brings a drastic change in our lifestyle as well as our surroundings.

  • During the winter season, the days become shorter and nights are longer.
  • Due to a drop in temperature, people prefer to stay indoors during this season and wear thick woollen clothes to protect themselves from cold winds.
  • Winter season is crucial for farmers as vegetables and fruits grow abundantly in this season.
  • Unlike summers, the atmosphere is pleasant in winters, and people can complete their work without tiring quickly.
  • Effect of various transmittable diseases is low in this season because viruses and bacterias become dormant under cold temperature.
  • Mornings are delightful in winter, and air also feels fresher.

Every season has its importance to us and our ecosystem. We should reap the benefits of each season by adapting our lifestyle to maintain good health and surroundings.

By: Saket