Importance of Constitution – Essay

The constitution can be equated to a shield. It protects individual freedom, and it places the power of government into the hands of the citizens. This leads to a balance of systems. The constitution regulates the relationship of various organs of government. Therefore, there is a smooth flow of power. Additionally, it lays down national goals, and every citizen will be required to work towards achieving it.

Importance of the Constitution

The constitution is vital for every state. Therefore, let us look at its influence in detail. The following are its importance:

  • The constitution being the supreme law of every country, it defines powers assigned to the primary organs of the government, it dictates the responsibilities and functions of every organ.
  • The constitution lays the fundamental structure of the government regarding how the citizens want to be governed. The three main organs of the government namely the judiciary, executive and legislature are established by the constitution.
  • Since the constitution remains superior to all other laws framed within the boundaries of a country, it brings conformity with any other law enacted by the government.
  • The constitution handles all the limitations of power and providing a quantitative recipe for an effective government. This prevents exploitation of citizens in all aspects of life.
  • The constitution of a given country establishes the national goals which create a foundation on which the state is built upon. Citizens will be required to embrace them and be part of achieving those goals.
  • A constitution upholds the rights of all citizens and dictates the obligation that every citizen must abide by. This allows for the peaceful state where no one will feel offended. Citizens should enjoy their freedom and rights wisely.
  • The constitution has rules and principles that control and manage all the political processes of a nation. This prevents segregation along political lines which can disrupt social harmony.
  • The constitution outlines the relationship between the government and its citizens. The citizens can confide in the existing administration in trying to improve their living standards.
  • The constitution must vividly reflect the sovereignty of a nation and its citizens. This should be adhered to at all costs.
  • The constitution ensures the independence of the judiciary to uphold the rule of law. Every citizen is entitled to good judgment despite his or her social status.
  • The constitution establishes the aims, values, and objectives that the people need to safeguard. Through this, a nation can plan its development strategy aimed towards making life better.
  • Through the law, the citizens can apply enduring limits on the government through the rights supported in the constitution.
  • The constitution gives the people the right to entrench the rules that govern the government they have chosen. The citizens will have full control on how they need to be governed by their leaders.


It is with no doubt that without constitution we would not be able enjoy our fundamental rights. Therefore, it is our responsibility to safeguard it to make this world a better place to live.

By IsaacV

Essay on Importance of Economics

Knowing Economics is vital because you get to know governments, households, societies, businesses and individual allocation on the available resources. It can also be a source of knowledge when making decisions.

Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in understanding macro-economy and the markets by examining statistics on the current state of the economy. Naturally, economists are known for advising state leaders on economic issues and analyzing economic conditions of both public and private sectors.

Importance of economics

The following are the importance of economics that you need to know.

Understanding economic systems.

To be able to understand socialism, capitalist economic systems you have to understand particulars of economics. Additionally, it creates a vision to explore how a particular financial system works.

Useful for distribution of national income

From the study of economics, you can easily understand how federal resources are distributed along the concept of marginal productivity theory.

Optimum use of resources

Third world countries are fond of wasting their resources. Economics will enhance their understanding of the proper utilization of resources.


Economics emphasizes the need to be rational. Those folks who have a detailed understanding of this subject can avail the immediate situations within the given conditions.

Developing sense of responsibility

Economics teaches that for us to meet our unlimited wants because we have limited resource we have to be responsible. This is vital for building the spirit of faithful citizenship.

Source of information

To understand problems like inflation, deficit financing and exchange rates you must refine your knowledge of economics. Therefore, it serves as a hub for this necessary information.

Intellectual development

The study of economics equips people with the relevant knowledge and expands mental horizons. This eventually increases the mental capacity to understand various issues that are problematic in life.

Critical analysis

Naturally, economics are known for their expertise in critical analysis. Economics will enable you to analyze and draw conclusions which are essential to be successful in life.

Useful for international trade

Economics helps both importers and exporters to maximize profits by participating in international trade. If you know about economics, you will be in a better position understanding trade policies of various countries around the world.


A survey conducted showed that great leaders are economists. They can make economic ways of generating revenue which is ideal for the sustainability of a nation.

Essential for proper planning

Economic planning is vital for prosperity. It will allow for better ways of natural resources which lead to better financial status.


There is no doubt that people all over the world have become economic minded. They have realized that knowing economics gives them a better platform to eradicate their social and economic problems. This makes it a more useful branch of knowledge since it has a direct influence on human welfare.

By IsaacV

Importance of Advertisement – Essay

Advertising is the best and efficient way to communicate with the customers. Your customers will be able to know the brands that you are advertising. It is one of the primary methods of expanding your market. The advertisement is not limited to anybody it accommodates both the young and the old. It is usually done using different types of media involving several suitable techniques.

Importance of advertisement

Now let us find out why advertisement is essential.

Generates employment

Advertising agencies are continually searching for new creative ideas to quench the rising expectation of their clients. Therefore, it creates a job for those creative thinkers, cinematographers, graphic designers, models, and artists.

Builds brand image

Advertising helps in developing the brand image in the market. Through a repeated advertisement of the product, the customers will get more curious to know more about the product.

Monitor demand and supply

When an ad is done repeatedly, it creates a higher demand for the product and services in the market. Therefore, to fulfill this demand, there must be a constant supply of the products. The demand must be monitored.

Element of marketing

It supports sales promotion which is essential in this competitive world. Without advertising your product, it will be challenging for it to sell.

Demands creativity

An advertisement requires creative thinking. When focusing on what to promote you should ensure that it is unique and original which will be appealing to your customers.

It is a profession

The advertisement is more of a job because it requires creative skills which are based on systemic and scientific planning. It is the responsibility of professional agencies to adhere to the code of conduct.

Essential for launching

It is necessary when launching a new product on the market. Without advertisement, it would be hard to find customers for the new product,

Increases the goodwill

Advertising increases the goodwill of a firm through improved quality of services and products to the customers. An organization can increase its goodwill to sustain the market of the product.

Increases morale of the customers

It helps in improving the level of confidence for the employees of an organization. The salesman task will have been made easier when their product is known in the market.

Helps in meeting competition

It meets the existing competition in the market. If the product is not advertised the competitors will snatch its market.

Increases sales

Advertisement increases sales of the products and services by entering into new markets and attracting new customers.


It is evident that to fit into today’s world growing market; it is vital to embrace advertisement as a marketing tool.

By IsaacV

Essay on Honesty is The Best Policy


Honesty is key to success because it shows you can be trusted. When you mean what you say and say what you mean you actually show that you are worth working with, being promoted and doing business with. While using lies to evade difficult situations and hide intentions and feelings is tempting, it always comes with a price. Being truthful and honest, on the other hand, is simply invaluable. Note that the truth has a way of revealing itself no matter how clever one thinks they are. When it finally dawns on your listeners that you were dishonest it will be a lot worse.


Honesty is the best policy stresses the fact speaking the truth is by far better than telling a lie even when it is extremely hard to do so. Make an effort to always tell the truth. Do not allow the superficial usefulness or ease of speaking the truth fool you into thinking you should cover your tracks instead of explaining what exactly happened. Secrets that are shrouded in lies will always surface and as such honesty is indeed the best policy. Honesty is similar to a good weapon and will benefit you in many ways. Fortunately, you can develop it naturally without incurring any cost.


Shows care

When you are honest with yourself and with others shows how much you actually care. It also shows self-esteem and respect for others. A caring attitude touches others making them pause and think. Gentle honesty is, therefore, not only attractive but also appealing.

Fosters connections

Honesty brings people closer together by creating a sound connection. It forms a solid context for a relationship in which both parties feel adequately secure to genuinely interact with each other. Such
relationships charms and empower both individuals to work on personal issues.

Fosters Courage

Courage does not denote the absence of fear. Instead, it is doing something you want to despite your fear. Honesty, therefore, enables you to have the courage to carry out any activity you wish to. Saying precisely what you feel requires an enormous amount of courage and being honest helps you achieve that. It may be difficult but practice and patience are important. Honesty pays off handsomely.

Tips to develop honesty

Listen first; take your time to listen before speaking. Speak out your mind and keep your word. Your word must always mean something,
have vale and factual.

Avoid trying to get something for nothing; dishonesty emanates from trying to steal from someone. Let people know that you can be trusted to do the right thing and complete assignments and tasks to the best of your ability without resorting to shortcuts.

Whenever you mess up to take responsibility; do not let others pay for your sins by lying, instead, make restitution and. People trust more individuals who refuse to throw blame and take responsibility for their actions.


Honesty is the best policy because besides making you feel better about yourself and making you trustworthy, it enables you to earn trust from your seniors. It also shows others that you care and value them. Lying calls for more lies to cover up the initial ones. Eventually, you will stress up trying to maintain what you started a while ago. So, try your best to be truthful. Practice speaking the truth and taking responsibilities for your actions.

By: Joni Kim

Essay on Historical Places – Meaning and Importance

The world is full of mind-blowing artificial historical places. Over the very many years of human history, some pretty amazing structures have been formed. With ancient civilizations building many incredibly breathtaking historic heritages, identifying the best of them all can be such a daunting task. Figure out all those historical wonders and how diverse they are. What criteria would you use to label one as the best? Evidently, everyone has his or her own favorite historical site. Consequently, all historical heritages have their benefits.

Meaning of historical places

A historical place is basically any locality, structure or area that contributes to a comprehension and appreciation of a society’s history and cultures. It, therefore, has three major elements; it is a geographical place meaning it can be a house, structure, area or site, has associated historic values as well as the significance and a connection to a community, person or group of people. That is why it forms one of the most precious assets to the concerned persons. Historical environments tell visitors and future generations how various people shaped the society and landscape.

Importance of historical places

Provide a link to the past

Provision of physical link to the past is probably one of the most important reasons to preserve historical heritage. It is not a place like any other; it contains several layers of information concerning the present life as well as those of individuals who previously lived on the land.

Contribute to economic well-being

Historically significant places significantly contribute to our economic and cultural well-being as is evidenced by the vibrancy of life in the region. When the sites are repurposed for present-day use, such places can be great incubating areas for innovation, experimentation, and entrepreneurship. Only established chain stores can afford to rent spaces in busy streets.

Boost property values

The places have been found to substantially increase property value. So, contrary to traditional beliefs that historical places ties the hands of potential land buyers who would like to develop their land, the sites actually sets the surrounding properties apart. People place high value to land and property close to a historic heritage.

Create employment opportunities

The fact historic preservation is extremely labor intensive means a lot of jobs are created for surrounding community members. Many people work in the area as gardeners, security personnel and receptionists. Some people like drivers varying people to the site waters and chefs in neighboring hotels are indirectly employed by the historical heritage. When many community members are employed, their purchasing power and those of their dependents increase leading to development in the region.


Historic places are all around us. Plan to make a trip one closest to you and learn about your community’s past. This way, you will understand why people behave the way they do now. Take your family along and let them discover interesting and stunning things about the past. If there is one nearby make an effort to preserve it, or you can support individual charged with that responsibility in the best way possible. Your future generations will greatly appreciate your efforts.

By: Joni Kim

Essay on Green Revolution

Green Revolution

Over the past couple of years, substantial agricultural changes aimed at supplying more foods for the increasing human population have taken place. These changes have taken place in the framework of the green revolution. It began with research by scientists who were interested in improving agricultural yield. They successfully developed disease resistant, high-yield varieties of various crops including wheat. When implemented, the revolution enabled the farmers to produce more wheat than it previously did.


Green Revolution refers to a period in time when the productivity in agriculture increased considerably due to new technological advances. During that era, new chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, and herbicides were created. The inventions made it possible to produce and supply more crops full of nutrients. The newly invented synthetic pesticides and herbicides best-controlled weeds prevented and or killed insects and deterred diseases. All these developments resulted in high productivity and hence yield. Additionally, high-yield crops (crops specially invented to produce more yields) were developed and introduced. During the revolution, a method called multiple cropping was implemented leading to high productivity.

Advantages of Green Revolution

Facilitated Large Scale Agricultural Operations

The Revolution has ushered in farming on a massive scale. Previously, agricultural sector involved growing in large volumes crops that require widespread human intervention to grow optimally. Even then, growing such crops was not easy. However, Green Revolution has now made things simpler; crops are now being grown in large scale by even the smallest farming society.

Crops can now be grown anywhere

The innovative farming procedures have made it possible for anyone to practice agriculture virtually everywhere. While you still can’t grow tomatoes on a beach, you can still be able to use most types of lands and terrain to grow crops. Even in the most unfertile land, farmers can still be able to practice agriculture. Green Revolution makes it possible to practice agriculture almost everywhere.

Eliminates the necessity of tilling lands

This innovative agriculture has enabled farmers to replant the same crops without plowing lands, a very costly process. Note though that there are crops that still fallowed soil to thrive. That notwithstanding, Green Revolution has substantially made farming extremely cost-effective.


  • Fertilizers; manures largely made Green Revolution possible. Subsequently, they have forever transformed agricultural practices. The crop varieties developed during the period cannot thrive without the use of fertilizers.
  • Irrigation; watering plants played a huge role in the Revolution. It also forever changed the lands on which different crops can be grown. Agriculture can now be practiced in drier areas, effectively putting more areas into agricultural production.
  • Increase food security; Green Revolution technologies exponentially increased food production globally. Places that were previously facing imminent famine have benefitted immensely due to the introduction of IR8 among other foods.


Green revolution made it possible for farmers to grow more foods on the piece of land it would previously produce just a fraction of the amount. Consequently, it reduced the cost of production, increased food security and conserved the environment. This is because less natural land and forests would have to be converted to produce enough food for the growing human population. Additionally, countries that were in danger of starvation increased their crop production so much that they had a surplus for export.

By: Joni Kim

Essay on Grandparents

Grandparents -Essay 1

Grandparents play a vital role in the upbringing of their grandchildren both directly and indirectly. Their significance to grandchildren is evident through the help and support they give to their adult children. In the event a dispute occurs between parents and their children, grandparents play a crucial neutral role in restoring peace and harmony. They, also, provide a much-needed support when parents are too busy to attend to their children.

Having seen it all, grandmas and granddads are best positioned to mediate between children.


Grandparents are parents of your mother or father. So, your father’s mother and father, your mother’s mother and father are all your grandparents. Given their advanced age, grandparents serve as stress buffers arbitrators, roots, and supporters in their children’s families. Besides being historians (they instill ethnic heritage values, teach good morals and pass on important family traditions), they are mentors for their younger grandchildren. Some of them move into their children’s families and hence provide care during the day when their adult children are busy with work activities.



As a historian, a grandparent helps their grandchildren find identity in a broader context. They provide a link to the ancestors, the heads of the family and to the family’s shared history. By sharing stories of the past, they are able to pass on positive values to the next generations.


They serve as cheerleaders by always motivating their grandchildren to develop their dreams and imaginations, nurture their spirits and encourage their intellectual development. They also give grandchildren their self of self-worth.


Even though some grandparents are full-time caregivers for their grandchildren, in most cases, they fill in the gaps. Everyone needs someone who can chip in when the normal child-care plan fails, for example when your child falls too sick to be left in the hands of a house help. Grand-parents best fit this role.


They are playmates to their growing grandchildren and as such act as fresh spectators to the young ones encouraging them to excel in their performance. Since they do not provide day-to-day disciplining, grandparents assume the role of a secret pal and confidant.


Grandparents bring energy, optimism, love, laughter, and purpose to everyone in the family. They, therefore, form a vital part of a grandchild’s life when they are here on the planet. Consequently, parents should take an active role to ensure that there is a loving, fruitful and harmonious relationship between children and their grandparents. Parents should encourage their children to respect, listen to and take seriously the lessons they learn from their granddads and grandmas.

By: Joni Kim


Have you ever noticed your grandparents would actually know every piece of emotions of your kids? Do you still run to your grandparents for taking advice on tough decisions? Yes, today we are talking about grandparents who are in many homes welcomed while in some they are neglected. Grandparents are similar to the shades of any tree, helpful in various ways to make your life simple and less struggling. They serve as a bridge between two different generations and make efforts to fill the gap with love and care.

It is observed widely that the kids are very close to the grandparents than the parents. Yet, there are various houses which lack grandparents as they misunderstand them as unwanted members of the house and they are placed at the old age homes.

Here are some reasons that would help you understand that the actual place of the grandparents is at home and not in old age homes:

For giving your children an experienced influence

According to a survey, 90% of the children are influenced by the values and the beliefs of their grandparents. Their relationship contains unwavering support, emotional attachment, positivity, smart understanding, and whatnot. Again, the kids are more likely to be attached to the grandparents and learn what they teach them. Hence, they are essential for representing an ideal role model to follow which helps in their upbringing positively and effectively. They learn true values of life, love, culture, etc. that is much helpful in making them perfect.

They reduce the stress levels at home

What do you do when you have any doubt regarding business or any other social or monetary matter? Whom do your kids complain or share their tough secrets with? Both the questions come up with a single word, grandparents. They play a vital role in reducing the overall stress levels at home. For the kids, they are the best companions to play with and share their notorious secrets with. Similarly, for the adults, they are an experienced source for advising in various difficult matters both commercial and personal. Hence, in this way, they help in making the environment of the home light by reducing stress.

They provide you with a secure feeling

No matter whether your house is going through some tough moments or happy ones, the grandparents have always been a source of security for everyone’s life. At the age of teens, the kids need an extra ear for sharing their feelings and emotions. They require someone to open up to and who can prove to be a wall beside them. At such time, the grandparents play a vital role in getting them back to their routine reducing their fears. Similarly, for the adults, they are the source of experience that helps with various ideas to get out of the tough moments.

For proper childcare

Today, both the parents are found working in different fields to meet the monthly financial requirements of the house. As they remain tied in their commercial schedules, they generally go for childcare providers or babysitters to look after their kids that are too costly as well as the security of the kids remains a big tension for the parents. The grandparents here play an essential part to look after the infants properly. They look after their needs and health. Grandparents have proved to be capable of caring hands for the kids providing a level of comfort to the kids and security to the parents.

A treasure of experience

Have you ever sat silently and talked to the grandparents? They have bundles of stories and experiences to share with you and your kids. In many houses, it is experienced that the children are found listening to the grandparents and not the parents or an elderly person in the house. It is the grandparents who have the perfect key to the children’s problems without any unwanted effects. They also hold a treasure of family history and cultural heritage of the family which helps the family in various ways.


So, are you having grandparents at your place? I hope, with this article you have understood the importance of grandparents in your life now. Take maximum advantage for molding the cultural and social side of your kids with their help for adding good values in the life of the kids.

By Venu

Updated on May 19, 2020.

Essay on Grandmother


Grandmas are important people in this world. If you are lucky enough to have both still living you should make an effort to always treat them right. Even when the hustle and bustle of life take much of your time to create some to at least call and check on them. Note that to them you are a source of pride and joy. That is why they love you unconditionally. They spoiled you with presents and love long before you could even say thank you.


Your grandmother is your father’s or mother’s mother. We all have two biological grandmas; paternal who is your father’s mother and maternal, your mother’s mother. In many cultures grandmothers live with their adult child’s family, helping them raise their children (her grandchildren). In such settings, grandmas are instrumental in imparting historical values to their grandchildren. Since they have an enormous knowledge from another generation, they are best positioned to guide and advice the growing generation.

Importance of grandmothers

Solid Foundation

She is always the bond that keeps the family glued together. Grandma serves as a vital link (particularly in the case of single parents), offer support to the busy parents besides providing wise counsel on issues that touch on the younger troublesome generations. They, therefore, form a strong family foundation on which all relationships and interactions are based.

Stability and understanding

Grandmothers have a special bond that brings the warmth of motherhood with the forbearance and resilience of older and wiser years. She has a honed understanding of children of various ages. Their comprehension is, therefore, more perceptive and comforting than those of busy parents or granddad. Whatever children are up to you can trust grandma to always detect it faster than any other family member.

Positive values

Your grandma passes down to you her good values sometimes even without you realizing it. With time values like respecting and understanding other and persistence and hard work are embedded in your value system. Other values that you can easily learn from them are integrity and courage in the wake of adversity. You then start to understand the feelings of others and applying balanced judgment. They also teach you practically the importance of supporting and sacrificing for others.

Source of inspiration

Since they always believe in you grandmothers provide reliable sources of inspiration. To them, you are simply a miracle, an extension of their existence. This unwavering vote of confidence is exceptionally motivating. Pleasing your grandmas is a lot easier. Knowing she believes you will always do your bests is extraordinarily inspiring.


There is no denying that grandmothers play a vital role (both directly and indirectly) in the upbringing of their grandchildren. Studies show that children who are fortunate enough to have a close relationship with their grandmas grow up to be respectful members of society. Despite this glaring fact some people do not give these important family members the respect and attention they deserve. Grandmas have a lot to offer both to their children and their grandchildren. So, always create the right environment so they can instill their useful skills and values to all members of the family.

By: Joni Kim

Going Green – Essay

Going Green

If you have ever thought of going green and saving money as you preserve the environment, you will be surprised to know there are several ways to do so. Everyone can play a role in keeping the environment both clean and safe. The small steps that you will take to stop climate change will go a long way. They will make your life better and our future generations will thank
this generation for living more sustainably.


Going green involves taking steps to reduce your energy usage, to minimize wastage of power and resources and utilizing renewable sources of energy. Using energy saver bulbs, installing low-flow showerheads and walking or riding to work instead of driving are some of the measures you can take reduce strain on the environment and save some cash. People who have decided to go green do not throw away trash carelessly and turn off lights that are not in use. Given the current rate of environmental degradation, there is an urgent need to have everyone go green to derive maximum benefit from Mother Nature.

Ways to Go Green

Reduce your utility bills

Install CFLs (compact fluorescent) bulbs when your conventional tungsten bulbs burn out. Also, adjust your thermostat to a few degrees lower during the cold season and a few degrees higher during the hot seasons to minimize the energy consumed during heating and cooling. Any appliances that are not in use should be unplugged or you can use modern smart power trips capable of sensing when appliances are off. Wash your clothes using cold water whenever possible.

Go green with trash

Make an effort to recycle your trash because they fill up landfills. Some of the items that can be recycled are cardboard boxes, plastic containers and bottles and unclassified paper like newspaper and magazines. Look at some of your trash with a creative; you can turn your egg carton into, say, a toy, old boot into a planter or any other item you deem will be useful to you. Do you often discard a lot of food waste? Turn them into compost and save some cash. Use a vermicompost, a box specifically designed to compost kitchen scraps such as leftover vegetables and fruits among other food wastes.

Tips for Going Green

  • Hang dry clothes as opposed to using the clothes drier.
  • Repair leaky faucets including the sinks, water, and shower heads.
  • Carry your own greed bags when going for your groceries so as to reduce the use of plastics.
  • Reduce your usage of packed food items, Recycle old plastic containers and Reuse scrap paper.


Destroying the environment will cost us dearly. From depleting natural resources to destroying habitats of some members of the ecosystem, the effects are disastrous.
Luckily, there are several ways to go green. Some of them are so simple and cheap anyone can use to their advantage. So, if you care about the environment and want to take an active role to make a difference, identify the method that you can use and make your contribution.

By: Joni Kim

Essay on Family


Family plays one of the most important influences on everyone’s life; from our first moments of life, we depend on our parents for protection and provision of basic needs. Our siblings form our first relationships. They are your first teachers and serve as role models in how you conduct yourself and how you react to the world around you. The unit is, therefore, where you experience your biggest triumphs and deepest vulnerabilities. The best families provide everything necessary to have the greatest potential to excel in life. Your family is divine God intended it to be the basis for society.


A family is a social unit composed of at least two people related by blood, adoption or marriage and who have a common commitment to the mutual relationship. A while ago the term referred to a father, mother and their children. However, its definition has changed to accommodate the current different forms.


Promote Wealth Accumulation

Families composed of married couples and their biological children promote wealth not only in their family but also in the entire economy. Such families have higher median income compared to other types and are, therefore associated with significant economic growth. The characteristic built in support structures give the kids and the parents opportunities to pursue education eventually landing on better-paying jobs that promote wealth accumulation.

Encouragement and support

The fact when times are hard and everything seems to be going wrong your family is always by your side cheering and encouraging you. Your family always has your back regardless of the nature of the circumstances you are facing. While friends and well-wishers only help you for self-gain, your parents act selflessly for the sake of their treasured kids.

Regulate Emotions

Children who experience sound family relationships while growing up exhibit more control of their emotions when they grow up. Such people are self-aware and as such are able to control their feelings in positive and appropriate ways. Studies have even linked closeness of such members to longer lifespans. The bonds also lengthen life a lot more than friendship bonds. Family members will make you feel loved and happy more than any other form of friendship.


Your family has a huge bearing on your development and growth as well as on the quality of life you lead in your adulthood. Even with the variation in nature and constitution, it still plays a major role in your life. So, treat the resulting ties with the level of seriousness they deserve and do not take any member for granted. Besides being divine the fact God had a special purpose for putting you in your family means you must gladly and rightly play your role therein.

By: Joni Kim