Essay on Cleanliness and its Importance

Meaning of Cleanliness

Cleanliness describes a quality or state of being neat, clean and free from dirt and germs. The habit of attaining and maintaining this state is also referred to as cleanliness. Washing your hands and surroundings keeps viruses, bacteria, and illnesses away. The diseases can make you incur
costly medical bills and ruin the quality of your life. Maintaining cleanliness, therefore, besides making you healthy makes you feel positive about yourself.

Everyone should make an effort to bathe regularly, wash their hands, body, and hair often. Trimming your nails is also yet another way of keeping harmful pathogens at bay. The absence of garbage, waste stains and foul smell increases the comfort of the inhabitants. Everyone should, therefore, take an active role in keeping not only their personal life but also the environment clean. Behaving carelessly and leaving the entire role of picking dirt to governments and municipalities should be shunned by all sensible citizens.

Importance of Cleanliness

  1. Makes you feel good; keeping your clothes, body and surrounding clean feels irresistibly great and ready for the busy day ahead.
  2. Makes you organized; when your home is in a mess your thinking and hence entire life will similarly be disorganized.
  3. Encourage charitable giving; since you are often purging your house, you easily identify and donate an item you do not need.
  4. Promotes biodiversity; cleanliness calls for accountability on how you dispose of your trash and hence benefits the environment.
  5. Creates a positive image; people judge you by the way your house and clothes look like; a neat and clean appearance attract positive image.
  6. Increase your attractiveness; that which is well proportioned, neat and symmetrical is attractive and appeals to many.
  7. Increase ease of locating an item; when your home is clean and organized finding something is a breeze.
  8. Reduce unnecessary spending; by cleaning and tidying your items you prolong their lifespan thus require minimal repairs and replacements.
  9. Creates a healthy environment; a dirty surrounding pass around airborne diseases like colds and spread bacteria.
  10. Reduces risk; cleanliness results in fewer incidences of accidents. The situation is worse in homes with small children.
  11. Increase your productivity; besides increasing your confidence cleanliness in workplaces increase focus and productivity.
  12. Boosts mental health; cleaning provides a sense of satisfaction that plays a major role in fostering your mental health.
  13. Promotes relaxation; when you live in a tidy home you get tranquility and peace of mind that promote relaxation.
  14. Support minimalism; clean and orderly spaces are effectively occupied and hence provide room for minimalism concepts.
  15. Prevents allergies; dirty sheets, walls, furniture, and carpets increases health risks and allergic reactions like asthma.
  16. Physical exercise; the physical effort you put while scrubbing, dusting and wiping window works out your body.
  17. Makes you happy; when you are clean, your attire smart and home organized, you automatically become happier.
  18. Makes you sociable; when someone comes close to you your cleanliness determines how you react to them.
  19. Prevents food contamination; cleaning your kitchen counter properly eliminates the risk of falling sick as a result of eating contaminated foods.
  20. Gives you a sense of accomplishment; once you clean everything, taking a look at your achievement gives you an instant positive feel.


When you feel an urge to postpone cleaning or take shortcuts draw inspiration from the sense of accomplishment that you normally get after cleaning up. The benefits of a clean environment have far- reaching effects. Besides helping you lead a healthy life, cleanliness increases your appeal and fosters your personal esteem. You have every reason to spend time cleaning your clothes and home.

By: Joni Kim