Essay on Community Service and its Importance

Meaning of Community Service

Community service is defined as voluntary work performed to help members of a community in a certain area. The service helps the group of people in need, for example, senior citizens, children, people with disability and the likes. Sometimes community service is geared towards solving problems related to the needs of community members, especially low-income earners.

Examples of such services are health care, literacy training, child care, education and housing, and neighborhoods improvements. To take part in the provision of this service you must be knowledgeable in any activity that improves the quality of life of the community members. Relevant authorities have the digression to determine the types of jobs that volunteers can according to the prescribed +guidelines.

Importance of community service

  1. It provides an opportunity to lend a helping hand and improves the life of the less fortunate in the community.
  2. Participating in the provision of the service gives you hands-on experience in skills like construction, medical skills, and painting.
  3. Community service enhances a sense of social accountability. Volunteers develop a heart of giving back to society.
  4. People sometimes provide community service in fields they intend to venture into in the future hence learning the niche in advance.
  5. Doing community service facilitates personal growth. It makes participants responsible, more organized and compassionate.
  6. Participating in the provision of the service build social connectedness not only with peers but also with adults.
  7. Community service boosts lifelong communication, critical, interpersonal and decision-making skills.
  8. It creates an opportunity to make new friends because it involves working in groups. Recipients of our service can also become your friends.
  9. Volunteering improves students resume a great deal; employers pay special attention to it as it shows you care about others.
  10. It helps you find your interests and passion thus shaping your career choice into the field you had previously not considered.
  11. Community service provides the best way to instill a sense of responsibility in citizens in general and youths in particular.
  12. Community service has been found to boost academic performance. Your chances of focusing on the class increase.
  13. People who participate in community service get the best opportunity to network with distinguished industry professionals.
  14. Moral values like honesty, respect, and sincerity are among the many values volunteers learn while serving the community.
  15. Serving the community goes a long way in promoting national unity thanks to the emphasis on doing good for others
  16. Volunteering is a fulfilling experience. Consequently, people who volunteer their services are consistently happier in life.
  17. Studies show that volunteers enjoy outstanding health benefit. They have a lower chance of getting depression.
  18. Volunteerism; enables you to acquire important life skills like communication skills, making connections and critical thinking.
  19. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to apply your academic learning and class work into real-life situations.
  20. Community service engages students in the community thereby creating special bonds between them and the population.


Community service provides an opportunity to students to showcase what they believe in, explore their interest and define their career path. It also gives them a competitive edge because prospective employers value candidates who have the interests of the community at heart. So, anytime an opportunity comes up for students to volunteer everyone should use the
opportunity to gain maximum real-life experience.

By: Joni Kim