Essay on Discipline and Its Importance


Discipline is the practice of training others to follow rules, policies or code of conduct and using punishment to rectify an error. It refers to action/inaction regarded to be in conformity with a certain system of governance.

Disciple implies training your mind and character. It describes obedience to policies and rules in place leading to an orderly behavior. Similarly, includes the practices used to regulate human behavior to ensure they conform to preset rules. Disciplined people tend to have high business intelligence as well as strong analytical skills explaining why such people end up being successful individuals in the community. If you are disciplined you have clear goals and aspirations and are ready to work hard to achieve them.

Importance of discipline in life

  1. Discipline enables you to become fully motivated and dedicated in life resulting in better performance.
  2. Practicing following rules and sticking to schedules will make you understand the importance of time management.
  3. Discipline propels you to keep on working on a project even after the first rush of excitement fades away.
  4. Self-discipline will give you the willpower to start reading a book and continue reading it to the last page.
  5. Putting in the required level of effort in everything you do ensures the outcome is permanent and not short-lived.
  6. Self-discipline teaches you to always be alert and in your senses thus preventing you from indulging in unhealthy habits.
  7. Disciplined people understand the importance and do everything possible to fulfill the promises they make to others.
  8. Self-discipline will enable you to go beyond your own interests and, instead, spreading positivity to others.
  9. Leading a disciplined lifestyle enables you to identify and stop the excesses that you involve yourself in leading to a balanced life.
  10. Discipline helps you differentiate between the righteous and that which goes against the principle of nature.
  11. It enables you to keep all mental disturbance away and remain focused in everything you decide to do.
  12. It earns you respect from others; the easiest way to command respect at home or your workplace is to be disciplined.
  13. It enables you to attain control and master your own senses – values that come in handy in turbulent situations.
  14. Disciplined people know that in life you have to work to achieve something; opportunities dong come to you.
  15. Disciplined life includes taking medicines, taking a bath and sleeping at the right time and hence make you stay healthy.
  16. Discipline in schools helps students obey school rules and pay attention to teachers leading to good performance.
  17. Discipline teaches you to multi-task, thereby simultaneously paying attention to several aspects of your life.
  18. Disciple creates self-awareness which entails coming into terms with your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  19. It enables you to get things done fast and at the right time thereby giving you peace of mind and happiness.
  20. Disciplined people have more time and hence are able to complete more tasks and hence do not procrastinate.


Discipline demands that you learning how to control your attention, focus your mind, and improve on your concentration skills. Once you are able to do so, you will realize very many benefits in life. For instance, you will be able to concentrate on a project till completion, minimize distraction at a school and stay on course until you attain your objective.

By: Joni Kim