Essay on Friends and Their Importance

Meaning of Friends

A friend is defined as someone with whom you have a mutual bond, and typically refers to a person exclusive of family relations.

So, someone you know so well and like a lot who is not a member of your family is your friend. In other words, someone you know, not your enemy, and who you trust. Friendship, therefore, refers to a state where you consider someone else’s wellbeing to be as valuable as yours. Conversely, someone who feels that way about you is your friend. You can only treat someone the way friends as supposed to treat each other when you consider their good to be important as

Everyone needs diverse, well-rounded pals who will stick with them through any situation life brings your way. Any person who claims to be your friend but then leaves you during your difficult time is not worthy of your friendship.

Importance of Friends in Life

  1. When growing up friends help you understand, develop and enhance the attributes of caring and sharing.
  2. At teenage years, friends help you overcome the numerous teenage-related physical, emotional and mental challenges.
  3. At times when everything appear to be a burden, friends bring positivity amid emotional turmoil.
  4. At old age having friends around makes life joyful and interesting.
  5. Friends are secret reserves; they are the ones with whom you share small and lathe secrets like your embarrassing moments.
  6. Friends help you know how to interact with all types of people, how to forgive, strike conversations and laugh.
  7. Friends support you during your lowest moments. When you are facing challenges, friends encourage and comfort you.
  8. Being in a friendship with people who have gone through an experience gives you guidance on how to best conduct yourself.
  9. A study conducted at Harvard University revealed having genuine friends in your life helps enhance brain health.
  10. Friends through heartfelt conversations and caring can transform our value system enabling us to attach more significance into our lives.
  11. Friends are a source of joy. By cracking jokes and playing games with you, they make life fun and enjoyable.
  12. There are emotional issues that you cannot share with your family members. Friends provide emotional support.
  13. Unlike our family members who love you because you share blood, friends love you unconditionally without expecting anything in return.
  14. Since you have the same opinions and ideology with your friends they best understand you and hence don’t judge you harshly.
  15. Having good friends who come to your rescue when faced with challenges has been found to boost your self-esteem.
  16. Leading a solitary life makes you inactive but with pals, you will participate in sports thus becoming physically active.
  17. During those moments feel like ranting and whining, without the confines of age and maturity, friends are your best audience.
  18. A sense of connectedness; humans feel a natural urge to connect with like-minded people and friend come in handy for this purpose.
  19. Friends provide a positive influence. If you make friends with the right people they will influence you positively.
  20. Friends give us a reality check. They can easily perceive situations we are in denial and bring the harsh truth before us.


Friends are amazing adornments in our lives. Besides improving our lives our pals tell people around us who we are and our nature. Solidary life is characterized by stress, loneliness, and inactivity. Friends, on the other hand, give us comfort, support, inspiration, and sincere feedback. Their honest feedback helps us become better members of society.

By: Joni Kim