Essay on Positive and Negative Effects of Mobile Phones

The passing years have shown that technology has changed the way we live in the world. From computers to phones, people around the world have embraced technology with a new way to communicate with each other.

Mobile phones first made its way into the hands of users in 1973, bringing new ideas of communication to the forefront. A telephone with cellular system radio access, mobile phones are used over a wide area, making communication easier from where ever you are.

The introduction of mobile phones continues to be the reason that the world thrives to be the best with new technology. Communication is what is focused on with new phones being a new trend that makes its way into the public every year. The coming years will continue to be what will motivate inventors to come up with more intriguing ways to thrill users with phones and communication.

Positive Effects of Mobile Phones

The years have seen the evolution of the phone and how it has helped people in many ways. Once the mobile phone was introduced to the world, the way of communicating was changed forever. For many, it changed their lives for the better. Some of these positive effects that come with having a mobile phone include:

  • Emergency Use – Mobile phones have been the major way to communicate when it comes to being used in certain situations. Whether calling the cops or an ambulance, mobile phones make it easy for help to come in any emergency situation.
  • Improving Knowledge – Mobile phones today, are used for searching the internet and finding out information about different places and things. This makes it more of a benefit when you are on the go.
  • Email – These unique phones have gotten so advanced, that they are used to email. So if you want to email your teacher, manager, or friend, mobile phones are used for this kind of communication.
  • App Use – You can find out about any event or news story that happens in the world. Apps are a popular trend that keeps people up to date with new things that happen anywhere in the world. Whether you are wanting an app for your favorite restaurant or you want to know what is happening in another country, there is an app for it.
  • Parental Controls – People of all ages use mobile phones. However, the great thing, about a parent getting one for their child, is that they get to control what their children look at on the internet with the parental controls on the phone.
  • Password Usage – If you want to be the only one using your phone, then you can always set a password for your mobile device. This will also keep children who are not allowed to use it off of it. This feature can be used for your child’s phone when they are in school.
  • Speech Difficulties – Even though the main function of the phone is supposed to be used for talking on the phone, the text messaging feature has become very popular. It is especially popular for those with speech impairments or those who do not like to talk on the phone.
  • Keep In Touch – Having a mobile device is great for keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world.
  • Business Convenience – Many business people use mobile phones to keep track of everything that happens in the business world. This includes Wall Street events and anything else that may pertain to business in their market. Many businessmen also use mobile devices to keep in contact with their employees and other business professionals.
  • Navigation – Mobile phones are not only used for communicating, text messaging, and searching on the internet, but also for navigation. Apps, such as Google Maps, are used to help users navigate anywhere they want to go.
  • Self-Organization – Cell phones have grown to be a necessity when helping users keep track of their day to day events in their lives. Many mobile phones have other features, which include calendars, dictionaries, task managers, and notes. This is a feature that helps students and business people.
  • Modern Society Adaptation – Students who use mobile phones today, use it to better their skills with technology as well as communication.
  • Cognitive Memory Games – Smartphones have become so advanced that games are constantly being created to help users with their cognitive memory.
  • Responsibility – The introduction of mobile phones have taught children who have them how to be more responsible. Parents are able to set guidelines on cell phones and teach their children how to handle them responsibly.
  • Tracking Device – Many cell phones have tracking features in them, which are good for parents who want to keep track of their children whenever they go out somewhere or whenever they need help locating them.

Negative Effects of Mobile Phones

Even though there are many significantly positive things that have come from having mobile devices, there are also negative things that have come from being a mobile user. Some of these negative effects include:

  • Higher Stress Level – The constant ringing and alerts can drive the stress of users up when using a mobile phone. In their busy day, a mobile phone may cause some users to become more stressed if there is too much of a distraction.
  • Chronic Pain Increase – The constant use of your cell phone can cause chronic pain in your hands as well as your back and neck while you are multi-tasking.
  • Anxiety Increase – Anxiety can rise in teens when texting. For many teens, they are gratified when texting, but there is also an anxiety that comes over them because they are waiting for a response from the person they sent their text to.
  • Decreased Attention Span – Some people find it hard to pay attention to others. Many teenagers are especially short on attention while in class or at home when using a cell phone.
  • Depression – Some mobile phone users grow increasingly depressed without having real contact with others. This lack of face to face contact can lead many into a deep depression of feeling alone.
  • Sleep Disorders – Many teens lose sleep with the use of their phone being a priority before going to sleep. This also contributes to a lack of attention and focus in school.


Mobile phones may have changed the way the world communicates, but it takes discipline, responsibility, and appropriate use for there to be a healthy relationship with the use of your cell phone. The advanced features on cell phones will only become more intriguing as the years pass, but knowing when to use the phone throughout your day will give you a healthy balance in life. Teaching your teenagers how to act more responsibly with their phones will grant them more appreciation with their technology when they get older.

By Leatra