Essay on Responsibility

Being responsible in todayś world is something that has taken on a different meaning to everyone. While some say the most important part of their day of being responsible starts at home and how they take care of it, others view responsibility as the tasks that make up their day at work. It is a quality that may make others admire it or fear it. In our day to day lives, responsibility is something that many people have to encounter, whether it is at school or work. It is a quality that many children grow to have as well as appreciate. Responsibility is a respected quality that should be practiced as early in life as possible. Children who pick up this quality carry with them throughout their lives and are admired by their peers and teachers. Responsible children are also able to teach their siblings how to be responsible, which is why many children look up to their siblings

Meaning of Responsibility

With the important decision making, being involved in important duties, or having control over others, responsibility helps people learn how to become leaders. This would be why having a good leader at work or school would depend on how responsible they are.

Importance of Responsibility

Responsibility is a quality that many have grown to appreciate in life because it teaches them how to lead and be role models to those around them. However, besides being a role model to everyone around them, there are other important reasons why being responsible is an important quality to have. Some of these reasons include:

  • Trusted – Responsible people are the most trusted people in many situations. Whether working on an important project, housesitting for a friend, or taking charge of a hectic task, responsible people are the first ones who are considered and trusted during the most important events that happen to others. They are always the first ones that people call when they need the most responsible person to handle things.
  • Good Sense of Self-Esteem – Responsibility brings a positive attitude as well as a positive sense of self-esteem. Your self-esteem will be raised with the responsible actions you take from day to day. In passing years, you will not only have positive self-esteem but also confidence in being who you are and what you can accomplish.
  • Life Achievements – Responsible people are usually able to get further in life, because of their hard work and being responsible. Business owners and managers also usually promote people who are responsible and do not need to be supervised constantly.
  • Reliable – Responsible people are more relied on than others. Many know that when they call on someone responsible for something important, that the problem or task will be taken care of.
  • Role Model – Children look up to people are responsible and some may even ask for advice from them. These reliable people are even seen as wise, because of the experiences they have been through and the responsible way they have handled life. They push themselves with being role models, by teaching others how to be responsible and reliable.
  • True Character – A person’s true character is defined when people take responsibility. This person shows that they can be trusted and responsible in the most hectic situations. This would be why people respect responsible people the most.
  • Hard to Disregard – If you do not accept responsibility for something, you may be bothered after you ignore or keep your mouth shut about something that you should have spoken up about. You may feel like you have let others down if you disregard accepting responsibility for something. There may also be a feeling of letting yourself down because as a responsible person, you will want to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong when you are in charge.


Responsibility may be hard for some, but if you make an effort to practice it every day, it will become second nature. The respect of being the most relied on and trusted will come with others taking notice and appreciating all of your responsible actions. Your efforts at being a hardworking and responsible person at work will be acknowledged by managers and your attitude will be counted on by family and friends. Being responsible will be what others admire about you the most when thinking about who you are as a person.

By Leatra