Essay on Exercise and Its Importance

Meaning of Exercise

Exercise is any activity that requires effort and which is carried out to enhance or sustain health and fitness. It refers to a physical activity planned, structured and repeated for the purpose of training the body.

Working out, as it is also called, therefore, consists of flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, as well as strength/resistance training.

Strength and resistance exercises improve muscle power and mass, the body’s metabolism and bone strength. They put more strain on your muscles so as to increase muscle strength. Cardiovascular conditioning entails moderate to a strenuous physical activity whose outcome is an increased heart rate for a specific period of time. By regularly practicing this exercise you
will essentially improve proper functioning of lungs, heart, and circulatory.

Flexibility exercise, on the other hand, is carried out to reduce chances of occurrences of muscle strain and boost while at the same time maintaining joint motion range.

Importance of exercise

  • Exercising plays a major role in boosting your health; it maintains your fitness level thus helping you lead a fulfilling life.
  • Working out helps you avert excess weight gain and if you are on a weight loss regime maintains a positive outcome.
  • Regular moderate exercise also improves skin health.
  • Exercise is a very important factor in controlling body weight.
  • Exercising and engaging in other physical activities provide great opportunities to socialize and meet new people.
  • Regular physical exercise enhances muscle strength and improves your endurance by delivering nutrients to tissues.
  • Physical activity aids your body pump all the requirements that are necessary for proper functioning of your immune system.
  • By improving your appearance and energy levels regular physical activity greatly boosts your active life.
  • Physical activity works out your organs and tissues thus reduce symptoms of aging like the emergence of wrinkles.
  • Exercising is fun and enjoyable. Besides giving you an opportunity to unwind it enables you to enjoy the outdoors.

Clearly, exercise has many benefits.

By: Joni Kim