Essay on Technology – Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Meaning of Technology


Technology originated with the ability of pre-historic humans to use the forces of nature to get any work done. E.g. simple levers


Over the ages of human evolution and development, use of technology spread in all areas of life, including cooking, housing, roads, agriculture, etc.


With the advent of industrial revolution, technology meant mass production of goods of all kinds from automobiles to textiles. Lot of this technology was about the development of heavy machinery for industrial applications.


Modern technology evolved with the invention of computers, and terms like information technology came into existence.   Computers and digitization revolutionized all industry sectors and have increased efficiency and productivity beyond imagination.


Development of internet and telecommunications [mobile phones] led to the growth of the virtual online technology. Combination of computers, internet and information technology has led to the development of today’s virtual globalized world.

Advantages of Social Networking


  1. With technology, potable water is being made more easily accessible to people across the globe.
  2. Agricultural technology has increased quality and productivity of food. Today there is much more nutrient-rich, affordable food available for the global population.
  3. Electricity is now available in almost all countries, thus increasing the reach of electrical appliances of daily use to all corners of the world.


  1. Doctors today can diagnose, treat or cure most of the deadly diseases due to advancement of medical technology.
  2. Childbirth is becoming safe, easier and painless thanks to technology.


  1. This is the most significant technological achievement.
  2. Global information is at your fingertips, in your home.

Safety and Security

  1. Security has improved with technology applications such as surveillance devices, CCTV cameras.
  2. Detection of crime is becoming easier, faster and preventable.


  1. Air travel, is one of the fastest means of transport, in addition to road, rail and water transport.

National security

  1. Advanced military research and technology ensures measures for national security.
  2. Satellites are an essential source of communication and security information.


  1. Movies and entertainment have evolved through Television and film Technology.
  2. E-books are making numerous books available at our fingertips.


  1. Recycling and paperless technology is helping the environment.


Disadvantages of Social Networking


  1. Use of technology for arms and ammunition is one of its worst disadvantages.


  1. A wrong diagnosis or misdiagnosis of diseases may prove fatal.
  2. Over exposure to X-ray or radiotherapy may affect health adversely.


  1. Excessive use of mobile technology and mobile towers has a risk of overexposure to dangerous radiations.


  1. Cyber-crimes and cyberbullying are on the increase.

Children and technology

  1. Children are becoming addicted to screens, either on mobiles phones, laptops or television. They are losing out on physical activities and playtime.

Overdependence on technology

  1. Many people are finding themselves handicapped without the technology to assist them. E.g. if the car breaks down, people are not used to walking any more for long distances. Many people find it difficult to do simple arithmetic without using a calculator.
  2. In the era of emails, carefully and thoughtfully drafted personalised letters are becoming a lost art, so also greeting cards.

Human touch

  1. Over-availability of technology is weakening the human bonds, relationship values and emotional intimacy even as communication and transportation becomes easier.
  2. The aging population finds it difficult to keep up with technology, but if they don’t they may feel alienated in the society.


  1. Technological advancements and consequent progress requires utilization of natural resources. Natural resources are being consumed at an alarming speed, some of them non-replaceable.


From the alarm clock that wakes us up in the morning to the switching of the light before we go to bed at night, we are surrounded by technology. At all times we must be aware that technology is meant to serve human life, and it isn’t for us to become slaves to it. Prudent use of what has been achieved thus far can make life happier and the Earth, a better place.

By: Janhavi