I’m proud to be an Indian – Speech

I’m proud to be an Indian – Speech

Good morning everybody. Today I am very lucky in delivering a speech on a topic, which is very close to my heart. I’ll be speaking on I am proud to be an Indian. And there is absolutely no doubt about the same.

Every Indian across the globe feels immensely proud when he sees the national flag unfurling or listens to the national anthem. India is a country which has an extremely rich and vivid historical and cultural significance. The culture of the country dates back to probably more than 10,000 years. This is the land where innumerable grand events, inventions, knowing, understanding developed and which are considered valid and logical till date. It is in this very India, where some of the greatest mathematicians, philosophers, musicians, artists, scientists, educationists, mystics, gurus of the world were born.

India is country with innumerable diversities. Right from geography, culture, customs, religions, traditions, festivals, cuisine, language, clothes – everything in the country is varied. The diversity can also be seen in the geography of the country. All kinds of possible landscapes can be seen in the country – mountains, plateaus, seas, coastal areas, deserts, plains, forests, rivers – everything is there in the country. India enjoys six seasons in majority of the states.

Though India is considered as a developing nation, the rate of development that is taking place here is quite fast. Today we have worked hard and improved significantly in various sectors including that of education, medical facilities, housing infrastructure, science and technology, defense and so on. Industrial developments have also taken place in the country quite well.

It is true that there are still many problems and faults in our own country. But it is we Indians who have to solve these issues on our home. We have to identify the problems and work in a way to deal with them successfully. Even with the lacks and the lags, I will always be very proud of my country, which personifies unity in diversity.

By Maanasi