Importance of English in Our Life – Essay

English, a West Germanic language, was first spoken by inhabitants of Medieval England before becoming a global language. The term actually originated from Angles, a Germanic tribe that moved to Britain and which later became England. While the language is closely associated with
Frisian languages, the vocabulary was substantially influenced by several other Germanic languages that include Norse and French and Latin.

The earliest known forms of English consisted of Anglo-Frisian dialects introduced to Great Britain by settlers of Anglo-Saxons around the fifth century. However, over time English has continually developed, from the initial Old English to what was in the eleventh century known as
middle English and later on into early modern English in the fifteenth century. Thanks to the global influence of the British Empire, English subsequently spread to all corners of the world from the seventeenth century onwards.

Considering its widespread reach English the importance of English cannot be overestimated.

Importance of English in our life

  1. Mastering English enables you to broaden your world thus increasing your circle of friends and the number of people you can relate with.
  2. Knowing how to speak the language to enrich your trips around the world because it enables you to speak different hosts.
  3. Since the language is the most widely used in the internet learning it gives you access to massive online content.
  4. Studies show that learning English as a new language impacts positively parts of your brain responsible for conscious thought.
  5. Most entertainment content and materials are in English and as such the language gives endless amusement opportunities.
  6. Even in countries that were not originally speakers of the language it is easy to find someone who has learned the language.
  7. Mastering the language enables you to enjoy authentic content in intended form because translation erodes meanings.
  8. The language increases your chances of being promoted in your place of work especially as your company expands.
  9. Most international agreements and standards are in English explaining why extensively used in international business meetings.
  10. The language enables students to further their education in some globally recognized institutions of higher learning.
  11. It gives you a competitive edge when looking for an employment in a company that conducts business globally.
  12. If you are an author learning the language increases your audience tremendously enabling you to make more sales.
  13. Learning the language gives you access to employment opportunities that you could otherwise not even consider.
  14. It allows you to learn the customs and habits of other regions thus understanding yourself more and appreciating others.
  15. As you try to master the language you continually challenge yourself hence keeping your brain active.
  16. Science is mainly an English centric community and as such learning, the language makes mastering concepts easy.
  17. Studying for and passing an English test helps you improve your language skills and motivates you to learn other languages.
  18. Learning English as a second language enables you to take advantage of bilingual positions available in global organizations.
  19. Learning English gives you an opportunity to learn how language works and how to use it to express ideas effectively.
  20. People who can speak two languages (your local dialect and English) have better attention and focus compared to others.


English, besides increasing your sources of entertainment and online resources, the language opens to you a world of opportunities. So, if you are competing with a group of people, say, professionally or even business-wise, consider learning the language and you will set yourself apart. Anyone who loves traveling and would like to get the best out of their tours
should also learn the language.

By: Joni Kim