Road Safety: Essay on Importance of Road Safety

Essay 1

Road Safety

Technology and other devices have become a growing concern for drivers around the world and road safety continues to be a practice that is stressed for everyone who is on the road.

With measures and methods being used to prevent people from being killed or injured, road safety is important to practice as soon as you get on the road.

However, for many young drivers, the thrill and exhilaration of driving take over, leaving little patience and time to learn the importance of being a safe driver. Unfortunately, the lack of knowing the seriousness of being behind the wheel of a car can sometimes lead to the death of other drivers or pedestrians. With proper education of road safety, drivers of all ages will see the benefit in practicing good driving. Drivers will also learn to appreciate good driver etiquette as well as teach new and beginning drivers how to behave on the road.

Reasons Why Road Safety is Important

Road safety is something that continues to be stressed in everyday life. Following the rules of the road is something that is meant for the safety of everyone. Teaching others how to practice driving safe can help others with being considerate on the roads. However, other than being considerate of everyone while on the road is a good reason for practicing road safety, there several other reasons why road safety is important. Some of these reasons are:

  • Good Example – Practicing driving safe sets high standards and a great example for new and beginning drivers. If others see that you take driving serious and are considerate to others on the road, they may use you as an example to follow when they drive.
  • Less Gas – When driving safely, there is less gas being used. This is also a good help with helping with saving money, because the less gas that is used, means there is less money spent on gas.
  • Financial Savings – Being a careful driver also has its financial benefits. You may see great changes and have good savings in your finances in your insurance company when it comes to being a good driver. As long as you drive safely and are not involved in any accidents, you have the chance of having and keeping a low premium rate.
  • Safety – Even though knowing how to drive safe may be something that you are taught when first getting behind the wheel of a car, it is extremely important to practice safe driving every day. Even if you are a pedestrian, it is important to help drivers become better drivers. Reckless drivers are at high risk of putting their lives as well as the lives of others in danger if they are unstable or reckless with driving.

More Important Reasons to Drive Safe

  • Make it Safe for Children – Practicing safe driving is most important for children that are in the cars of other drivers or even outside playing. This being because there is always a chance that a child may be put in danger when a motor vehicle is operating.
  • New Attitude and Behavior – Good road carefulness gives drivers and pedestrians a better attitude and shows how to practice having good behavior. Your confidence is also better with safe driving practices.
  • Prevents Death and Injury – Driving safe is good for everyone on the road. The leading cause of many injuries in many countries comes from the unsafe practices of driving. This is why driving requires safety and caution.


Road safety is something that is of little importance to some drivers, but once the distractions are gone and focus is given, it is not hard to see why driving safe is a priority when on the roads. Making sure that you set a good example by driving cautiously is always important and is something that should be passed down for as long as you are a driver. Road safety is a practice that will always teach drivers and pedestrians on how to be considerate of others, which is why it is a practice that is highly important.

By Leatra

Essay 2


The number of people is rapidly increasing every year. The roads are becoming dangerous not only to drive but also to walk day by day.

The prime reason behind the increasing number of accidents is the lack of understanding the road safety measures. Whether it is the kids or the adults, it is important for everyone to understand the importance of road safety measures and follow them strictly, not only for their safety but for others too.

The prime reason to know the rules for road safety is to avoid any sudden accidents. By identifying and following the rules, the number of deaths and injured would be reduced as people would be driving according to the signals and various signboards levied out there on the roads. This would create a proper uniform line for the vehicles, which would also be helpful for the people walking on the pedestrian to walk accordingly while crossing the roads. Again, not only the pedestrians but also the motorcyclists and the cyclists would prevent accidents if the rules are correctly followed. Let us check out some points as importance of road safety and rules to avoid accidents:

Congestion on roads- Be cautious!

Be cautious while traveling as there is lot of rush and congestion on the roads, especially in the metropolitan cities. Drive safely, walk safely!

Helmet usage- an important factor

Use proper helmets to avoid any kind of accidents. This is an important factor in case of road safety.

Speed Indicators as per the limit prescribed by the authority

Following the speed indicators mentioned on the roadsides would also help in avoiding accidents.

Tips for road safety for the driver driving the vehicle

There are certain rules and regulations designed for the drivers which are to be followed while they are on the driving seats. Following them properly would be helpful in saving not only their life but others too.

  • Avoid eating, talking on the cell phone and even drinking while driving
  • When you are driving in unusual weather like snowfall, rain, storm, etc., be extra careful and alert
  • Listen to music, but make sure the volume is not too high
  • Make sure your pet is not roaming in the car and is tied to a particular seat
  • Make a rule to follow the traffic rules
  • Avoid driving too fast and drive within maintained speed limits
  • While changing lanes, make sure you have checked the rear mirrors
  • Drive while wearing a seat belt
  • While driving behind heavy vehicles like tractors, trucks, etc. maintain a safe distance to avoid accidents
  • Keep yourself calm. Driving when angry or too excited can be harmful
  • Don’t shout or yell outside at other drivers and pedestrians
  • Follow sign boards and signals to avoid accidents
  • Make sure you drive safely while nearing any hospital or schools

Tips of road safety for the pedestrians

Not only do the drivers need to be alert, but also the pedestrians walking on the road need to be vigilant and careful following the rules properly.

  • Make sure you cross the roads at zebra crossings when the signal allows you to avoid accidents
  • Be sure the driver can notice you on the road to help them calculate the distance between you both properly
  • Avoid crossing the road when the traffic light is red and yellow for the pedestrians
  • Don’t walk on the roads even if it is empty. Use the sidewalks
  • Make sure your children don’t walk on the roadside and hold your hands properly
  • Teach your children road safety rules


While talking on the importance of road safety and its measures, there is always much to talk about. However, the main concept is that you can always keep yourself on the safe side if you are driving or walking as per the rules and regulations mentioned in the road safety measures.

By Venu