Speech on Ashoka

Speech on Ashoka

Hello my respected teachers, guests, and dear fellow students. Today I am going to speak a few words about the legendary monarch on India –Ashoka.

There have been many monarchs and dynasties In India, but Ashoka was the first ruler who put in active efforts to spread the message of unity and tolerance. The remarkable thing about his life is that he discarded the lavish life of dynasty and royalty to spread the message of peace and co-existence. That is why he is still regarded as one of the greatest leaders our country ever witnessed. It is difficult to include all his activities and achievements in a single Speech on Ashoka but I will try my best to enlighten you.

Son of famous Mauryan Emperor Bindusara, Ashoka ruled out country from 273 BC till 232 BC. Born in 304 BC, he became a talented monarch and a great ruler early in his life.

He was called back by his father to tackle an uprising in the Ujjain Province and at this stage he was first exposed to the principles and ways of Buddhism. The battle of Kalinga later, however changed him from inside.

The devastation of the war made him think about the impact of war and greed on human life. After this stage, Ashoka turned to Buddhism and for the rest of life, it became an inseparable part of his life. Noted Buddhists leaders Radhaswami and Manjushri became his teachers.

Post conversion to Buddhism, Ashoka became a totally transformed person. At this stage, he began some of the massive public works projects. He made edicts to conserve wildlife and also supported vegetarianism. Thus, the aggressive, greedy monarch became a great social leader. Through his efforts, Buddhism spread to the neighboring countries. Our country is in need of such leaders for enlightenment and growth.

By Maanasi