Speech on Books are Our Best Friends

Speech on Books are Our Best Friends

It is a bit hard to find people who love reading books, in this era of digital communication and social networking. However, I can tell you with confidence that books continue to be the best companions you will ever get in life. I’m trying to make the Speech on books are our best friends as comprehensive as possible. Hope you my dear students and teachers will find it interesting.

It is the best idea to develop the habit of reading books early in life as you will get the benefits all your life! Once you know the benefits well, you will keep reading books.

Look around and you will see everyone is busy with their life and chores. Parents lack time to interact with their kids and vice versa. With a book, you will not feel much lonely. You learn a lot of things about life and your knowledge will enhance. This will be helpful later in life. When you have a lot of spare time, reading books is the best option. You will not feel bored with a book in your hands.

Unlike people in your life, books never judge you. You can be in casuals or in any shape and you will not be judged. This is not the case with your human friends who are often critical about you!

You can carry books almost everywhere and read when you want. Online books or e books are also available and you can find any in any language nowadays. So, language barrier will not be a problem. You can take them on trips, while going to places etc. Whether it is in public transport or bathroom, you can read books easily.

You can learn a lot from the books, but they do not preach, unlike human teachers. So, you can learn this at your pace when you read books. When you are upset or sick, there is hardly anything that can help boost the mood like a book. They can be your comfort zone anytime.

By Maanasi