Speech on Children

Speech on Children

Today I have come here to give a small speech on ‘children’. Yes, that is my topic for the day. Good morning everyone.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we mention the word ‘children’? Well, for me, it is a human being, who is in between the stage of birth and adolescence. Children is the plural of ‘child’ and is used in various ways in different references. Usually the parents of the child will take care of him and bring him up by providing the best facilities possible as per one’s own capacity and capability. However, all children are not so lucky and they might be brought up by guardians, foster parents or even by nurses in various day care centers.

There are different stages of development for children and these will actually decide as how the child will grow up to be an adult. There are innumerable stages of social development through which the child passes. It is in these stages that a child learns to share things, understands what is his own and what is not, develops healthy habits, etc. As soon as he learns to share, the group in which he plays gets bigger and he is ready to participate and join group activities and functions. All kinds of habits start developing in the child. It is the duty of the parent/guardian or whoever is taking care of the child to encourage the good habits and ignore the bad habits.

Health is also a main concern for children. No development is possible in a child until and unless he is physically as well as mentally healthy. While some children might need some extra help for learning skills, some might have enough of it already. In case there are any kinds of health issues, these need to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

Let me conclude the speech by saying ‘Today’s children are the backbone of tomorrow’s society’. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the buds are nourished well, so that they can turn into beautiful flowers of tomorrow.

By Maanasi