Speech on Disaster Management

Speech on Disaster Management

A very good morning to everyone who is present here today. I am here to speak about disaster management. You must have heard this term time and again, but may not know what it really means. Well, to understand disaster management, one has to understand what a disaster is in the first place. So, let us focus on that first.

What is a disaster?

Disaster is any kind of calamity or a mishap that has taken place and has affected the environment as well as personal lives of people in an adverse manner. This grave occurrence might have taken place naturally or from man-made reasons. Some of the most common instances of natural disasters include floods, earthquake, landslides, cyclones, droughts, volcanic eruptions, etc. However, there are man-made disasters as well and these can be seen in the form of destruction, war, bomb blasts, accidents etc. Whatever be the kind of the disaster, general human life is impacted and affected by the same adversely.

The role of disaster management

It is evident from the name disaster management that it is an effort of providing help and assistance to the disaster victims in the best way possible. Disaster management is a special discipline through which efforts are made and steps are taken for reducing the harm caused by the disastrous force. Ready intervention of the disaster management team can help in saving lives of people and also protect and save property from getting damaged. The biggest problem with the disaster management teams is their lack of adequate awareness about the ways for coping with disasters. Lack of communication and coordination between the state and the center agencies is also a problem.

Rescue operations are eased and smoothened with the help of a disaster management team. These professionals are trained in such a manner that they can handle disasters of all kinds – man made as well as natural disasters with ease. Nowadays many modern tools and equipment are used for effective disaster management, making the work easy and convenient. Let me conclude my speech by saying disaster management can go a long way in averting a mishap and hence all people in the corporate world must be given basic training on the same.

By Maanasi