Speech on Discipline in Student Life

Speech on Discipline in Student Life

Good day all. We have all gathered here for an amazing program and I would like to say a few words about the importance of discipline in student life.

Well, there are innumerable times, probably when your parents have asked you to be a little disciplined during your student life. Discipline is regarded as one of the most important virtues in human beings because discipline helps us in keeping on track. What is discipline actually? It is nothing but a set of rules or a book of conducts which help us in following the right path. Achieving goals in life become difficult until and unless one has proper discipline. Thus, discipline should be taught and implemented right from childhood. After a period of time, it gets into the system of the child automatically and he follows them conveniently without any kind of external force.

It is true that discipline is needed all throughout our life, but it is perhaps most needed during student life – both during school and college. Having a disciplined life in these stages will help in preparing for a successful and prosperous tomorrow. Discipline helps in maintaining a rhythm and harmony in society and this helps in not only your personal growth and development, but development of the society as a whole. Discipline is needed in every walk of life and a lack of it might bring in several problems.

Sometimes many people find following discipline to be quite difficult and suffocating. They think that their freedom and liberty is curbed by discipline. But it is not so in any manner. Discipline in student life will act as a guiding star and help you whenever you feel you are losing track in your life and going wayward. Discipline makes one organized and chaos-free. One has more clarity of mind and is able to work on things in a better manner with discipline.

First lesson of discipline begins at home and then it continues to school, college and other institutions you become part of. Imbibe the quality and see the great results!

By Maanasi