Speech on Education

Speech on Education

Warm greetings and a very good morning to everyone who is present here. Today I have been to give a speech about education. I will try my best.

The word education is a very commonly used term and we use it unabashedly. We talk about the right to education frequently. But how many of us really understand the actual meaning of the word? In common parlance, by education we mean the degrees that we have attained. A person who has achieved many degrees is considered to be a well-educated man. But does education mean only academic qualifications? No, there are many more things, which are integrally related to education. It is education that causes overall development of an individual. The personality of an individual is developed with education. Therefore, it is very important to have the right and proper kind of education from the very beginning.

A person who has real and true education is an asset to his family, friends and for society at large. It is because he has developed the art of thought with his education and knowledge. His reasoning capabilities are way higher and better than any ordinary person. He can distinguish the differences between true and false, between right and wrong and act accordingly. As a result, a man who has proper education will have better decision making capabilities in all spheres of life.

Many people think that education is complete once school-college and university studies are over. But it is not so. Education is something that cannot end. It starts from the day we are born to the day we die. It is an ever-evolving thing and goes on and on. Also, many people think that education is the parameter for success in life. Higher the education (academic qualifications), higher the rate of success. But it is not so always.

We often confuse the terms ‘literacy’ and ‘education’. It is high time that we understand the real meaning of education.

By Maanasi