Speech on Empowering the Girl Child

Speech on Empowering the Girl Child

A very warm and good morning to all of you present here. I have been given the privilege of giving a speech on a very important issue, ‘empowering the girl child’.

Right from childhood, the girl child should be given the care and nourishment that is needed for proper growth and development. There should be no compromise with the quality of the food given or the upbringing. This strengthens the main foundation of the child on which she will build her whole life. Next comes her education. The girl child should be sent to school and receive proper guidance regarding her studies. In this way, she can complete her studies successfully and all educational qualifications.

It is said that when a woman is academically qualified and educated, she can not only take care of herself, but of her family and of people who are around her. She becomes economically as well as socially stable. Times have changed. Today a woman can do anything she aspires to. So, instead of curbing her wishes and desires, give her the wings for flying high. Empower her with knowledge and wisdom and see how she conquers the world with it. A girl child is an asset not only for the family in which she is born, but for the society at large.

By Maanasi