Speech on Environment for Students and Children

Speech on Environment for Students

A warm welcome to everyone present here and a very good morning. Today I would be speaking on a topic, which is well-known to all of you – our environment.

First and foremost, I would like to mention what is environment. It is our ambience and our surroundings in which we live. We are all directly connected to the environment as it impacts our lives in profound ways. Our very foundation is based on the environment. We might become scientifically and technologically advanced, but we must never forget our debts to the environment.

We all know that presently the environment is under great stress and threat, primarily due to intense human intervention and interference. Man, to fulfill his selfish desires and ambitions, is bringing harm and destruction to the environment. He is being ruthless in destroying nature and making facilities and amenities for himself. Forest areas are being cleared rampantly for constructions and buildings. With increasing population of the world, the demands are continuously increasing. And the impact of the same is being borne by the environment.

We all know how we are depleting natural resources to meet our needs. Since the sources are limited, they are sure to get exhausted at one point of time. This is the reason emphasis is being laid on using renewable sources of energy. Recycling of materials is being emphasized on so that wastage can be minimized and the process of disposal is also smoothened. This helps the environment in coping up with the stress in some manner. “Go Green” is the motto of the world today as a way to save the environment.

High levels of pollution from various sources are also harming the environment adversely. This is the reason that natural gas and other means of fuels are being tried for running vehicles so that pollution can be minimized. Refining of wastes is also being done so that the rivers remain unpolluted as most of the wastes are dumped in the waters. It is our duty to protect the environment in the best way possible.

By Maanasi