Speech on Equality

Speech on Equality

Hello everyone. Today I will be rendering a speech on an important debatable topic – Equality!

The term equality is extremely expansive, there are so many things which are integral part of ‘equality’. In my speech, I will try to focus on each aspect of equality in the best way possible.

First and foremost, I would like to say something on social equality. By this kind of equality, we aim to have a society in which people within a same group will have and maintain same status. There would be no difference in social statuses in the same group and hence no chances of any kinds of discrimination.

Economic equality is another kind of equality, which is important. The disparity between the economic groups of people can be minimized to quite an extent. Everyone should at least have the basic needs fulfilled.

Equality in opportunity has become a burning issue today. The idea was begun to bring the backward classes at par with general people so that they don’t be deprived of the facilities and amenities of life. However, the idea became a kind of boomerang. Today ‘general’ people are at back-foot and the so called ‘backward’ classes have become the forerunners. With abundant facilities and discounts in every sphere of life, equality in opportunity should be practiced in the right manner.

Racial equality is also vital in a country where there are innumerable races, cultures, castes, creeds, customs, rituals, religions, skin colors and so on. There should be no discrimination based on the above mentioned factors in any manner for racial equality.

Gender equality is also a burning concern. Even today, a male child is given prominence and importance over a girl child. The problem is deep-rooted and there in rural as well as urban areas, even in well-educated families.

Equality is important for the development of the human race and should be followed.

By Maanasi