Speech on Exercise is Good for Health

Speech on Exercise is Good for Health

Good morning everybody. I would be talking a bit on how exercise is good for health.

It is a common adage that ‘health is wealth’. Until and unless we have good health, we will not be able to work on any aspect of life. And when we talk of health, it is not only physical health, but also mental health. For overall development and progress, it is important that the overall health of an individual is maintained.

We all know that various kinds of environmental factors impact our health. With increasing pollution, stress, anxiety and many other factors, the health of individuals is seen to deteriorate. Lifestyle has also changed over the years and poor and reckless lifestyle is also one of the contributors to bad health. However, there is one way of addressing this issue to some extent – exercising.

We have heard right from our childhood that exercising helps in keeping a healthy mind as well as a strong body. And it is true. Majority of the jobs nowadays have become sedentary in nature and involves minimal or absolutely no physical work. Various kinds of health issues emanate from this. Health experts opine that exercise is required in some quantity for maintaining health and fitness.

If you think that by exercising, rigorous working out is meant, you are mistaken. It does not have to be necessarily so. Mild and light exercises are also of great help for health. Take out a little time every day for yourself and start exercising for a fit and healthy body and mind. You can just start with brisk walking and jogging. Later you can add on other free hand exercises to the routine. However, if you want to take the exercising to the next level at the gym or fitness center, do it in consultation with a fitness trainer.

It is true that exercising is good for health, but should be done in moderation. Over-stressing yourself with exercise will only do more harm than doing good. Let us learn a few points from this speech and take a positive step towards including exercise in our daily regimen.

By Maanasi