Speech on Faith

Speech on Faith

Hello and good morning to all who are present here today. I have been asked to say a few words on ‘faith’. Well, initially the subject seemed quite easy, but when I started preparing for it, it turned out to be pretty difficult.

There are different ways in which the term faith has been used and discussed since primitive times. While some call faith as belief; some find trust and faith to be synonymous. Understanding the actual meaning of faith, therefore is quite difficult.

The most common usage of faith is when we use it in referring to God or some kind of superpower. Whenever someone loses hope and becomes weak, we often ask them to have faith in God and that everything will be okay. In such a case, faith is like a confidence that God will take care of the situation and show a solution to the problem. The situation might be truly grave, but the faith that bad times will pass gives us strength at that moment.

Another aspect of faith, which is also kind of trust is the basis of many relationships in our society. It is believed that without the foundation of trust, friendship and faith cannot take place. The faith and trust starts building and gets stronger with passage of time. This is the reason when there is a breach of trust or faith, it becomes so very painful.

It is quite interesting to know that the concept of faith has been used extensively in literature and literary works by eminent writers. Religious aspects of faith as well as the human aspects have been dealt with in the works. Different perspectives have been highlighted and well explained in the literary works.

To summarize faith is an integral part of our lives in different ways. Faith not only imparts confidence in the self but is also beneficial for others. In fact, there are times when faith helps in finding your purpose in life. Thank you for listening to my speech and have a nice day.

By Maanasi