Speech on Fashion Among Students

Speech on Fashion Among Students

Good morning all. Today, I will be speaking a few words on a topic, which is quite common and worrying as well – ‘fashion among students’. I said worrying because many parents are greatly perturbed by the fact that their kids are more interested in fashion than in studies. This usually happens in college, just after one passes out from school.

College life brings with it a certain amount of freedom and liberty. The first freedom is from uniforms of any kind. Colleges don’t have uniforms and you can wear the dress you want to college. In fact, colleges are places where the latest fashion trends can be checked out. Young boys and girls like to follow the current trends in dresses, makeup as well as in accessories and try to look their best. In fact, some of them become more obsessed with fashion and studies take a back seat. This should not happen.

Following fashion trends blindly cannot be allowed for students. There are many costumes and accessories, which seem okay for the fashion arena, but not for school or college.

It is the duty of the parents to help their child in understanding as what kind of fashion is suitable for college and what is not. Students in this age group are usually excessively sensitive, so it is very important that they are handled in the right manner and things are explained to them in a very friendly manner. When explained with the right reasons, there is no question of them not understanding what is being said.

Following fashion among students is quite common and there is nothing wrong in it until and unless it is adequately balanced. Students just have to understand and maintain that. The most important thing is that they should not blindly follow fashion; they should know what is comfortable and suitable for them.

By Maanasi