Speech on Fast Food

Speech on Fast Food

Warm wishes and a very good morning to everyone present here. Today I would like to give a small speech on a topic which is becoming a grave concern in our present modern life. And it is regarding the ever-increasing consumption of fast food.

Fast food has made a very rapid entry into our lives for various reasons. One of the main ones among them is the changed lifestyle that people lead. Eating healthy and nutritious food has kind of taken a complete backseat. Fast foods either come in the already cooked format or in pre-cooked form. Thus, it takes lesser time for preparing the food than normal eatable. In today’s extremely busy and hectic schedule, this seems to be highly convenient.

Another reason for popularity of fast food is that it is tasty to eat. When compared to regular food, these foods tantalize the taste buds. This is because of high amounts of sugars, salts, spices and other ingredients. Nutritional elements and dietary fiber are negligible or absent in these foods. This is the reason these foods are considered as unhealthy. They tend to increase blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and many other parameters in the body. Many of these food items contain flavors, various kinds of chemicals, colors as well as preservatives. These have harmful side effects, some of which are pretty grave and serious.

There are many disadvantages of taking junk foods. You might not even understand when the damage will be done. These foods lead to cravings and one tends to pile on food even if one is not really hungry. This leads to obesity and unwanted weight gain, which is difficult to lose. The stubborn fat gets deposited and refuses to just go.

Having fast foods and junk foods once in a while is quite okay and not harmful as well. Maintaining the right balance is what is important.

By Maanasi