Speech on Girl Child Education

Speech on Girl Child Education

Hello everyone. Today I am up on the podium to speak a few words on a very important issue – girl child education.

It is true that you must have read and listened to many speeches on the topic of girl child education. But have you really thought about the same seriously ever? Education is needed for every child – irrespective of the gender. And when it comes to education of the girl child, it should be made mandatory. It is quite sad but true that in many places till now, a girl child is thought of as a burden, she is ill-treated, not given the chance to study and pushed off on a groom’s shoulder at tender age.

Today great deal of emphasis is laid on girl child education. And it has been seen that performance of girls in studies is way better than that of boys. When the girl child receives proper education, she is empowered with knowledge and learning. Her talent is appreciated. She becomes powerful, resourceful and educated and is able to take important decisions of her life.

We know that education is very important not only for the individual self, but for the overall progress and prosperity of a society. In all developed nations, both men and women are well educated. With proper education, a woman can choose the profession she wants to be in. Her aspirations and ambitions can be fulfilled. Hosts of opportunities open up before her.

When a girl is educated, she becomes a better mother for her child as well in future. She can pass on the good values to the child and teach him/her as needed. This is very important as the child learns his first lessons from his mother only.

With girl child education, a strong nation can be built as well. Keeping the girl child away from education will only prove to be detrimental to the society.

By Maanasi