Speech on Importance of Books

Speech on Importance of Books

Good day to everyone here. I will speak on a very interesting topic – importance of books.

It has been said time and again that books are a man’s best friend. It is needless to say that books occupy an extremely significant role in our lives. Anyone and everyone can desert you in your life, but books will never leave you. This is the reason, it is said that a bibliophile needs nothing and no one else for company, because he has the unending and never tiring companionship of his books.

Books are storehouse of knowledge and information. Reading opens up new horizons for all of us. We get to know about so many things by reading about something. The information that we gain helps us in enriching our knowledge. It improves our thinking capabilities and reasoning abilities. Without books, we would have been left in the dark, not being able to know about vital things of life.

Books can be on any subject – practically any subject under the sun. And you can choose the ones as per your choices and preferences. Reading helps in improving our-self and this has been proved again and again. Reading is the key to self-improvement as levels of understanding get better with more and more reading. One is able to face life efficiently and take decisions judiciously with proper understanding.

It is recommended to each and every parent that kids should develop the habit of reading for sure. Once a child feels the joys of reading, he will never ask for anything else but books. Gift him books on special occasions or just like that. Reading will open up his imaginative world. His creativity and innovation will get inspiration from reading.

It is true that with development of technology, e-books have come into the market and gained popularity as well. However, for book lovers a paperback will always be the preferred choice any day over e-books or any other format of reading.

By Maanasi