Speech on Importance of Cleanliness

Speech on Importance of Cleanliness

Wishing everyone present here a very good morning. My topic of speech for the day is importance of cleanliness.

All of you must have heard the old adage which says “cleanliness is godliness”. Well, it is absolutely true. Cleanliness is a healthy habit, which everyone must follow in their lives. There are many aspects which are covered under cleanliness. First and foremost is physical cleanliness. It is very important that we must keep ourselves clean and hygienic. Taking bath regularly, brushing teeth, changing clothes etc. are some habits which should be practiced daily for cleanliness of the body.

Just keeping the body clean will not do. One has to keep the mind clean as well. Remove evil and filthy thoughts from the mind and get inspired and influenced by positive thoughts. A clean mind and body is the best combination.

The next mention of cleanliness should be regarding the home where you stay. It is obvious that the place should be kept clean and proper. Clean the house daily so that dust and dirt do not accumulate in the house. These might lead to various kinds of health disorders. Along with the interiors, the exteriors and home surroundings should also be kept clean. In case you feel that there are elements around the house, hampering the cleanliness and hygiene of the place, make preparations or arrangements to clean up the mess. Choose a suitable place for dumping the garbage. The dumping place should be covered preferably so that no foul smell or obnoxious gases hamper the health of the people around the place. This will not only ensure the health and hygiene of your own house, but also of your neighbors.

Like your house and neighborhood, the habit of cleanliness should be followed in all commercial places where we go – school, college, office, park, shopping mall, parks, and restaurants and so on. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene helps in having a healthy mind and body. Start practicing from today!

By Maanasi