Speech on Importance of Discipline in Life

Speech on Importance of Discipline in Life

A very warm and good morning to all present here. I have been asked to deliver a speech on a topic with which all of us are well acquainted – importance of discipline in life.

Right from our childhood we have learnt that discipline is very important part of life and should be followed diligently. Discipline is one of the most important stepping stone towards progress and success in society. Discipline is nothing very severe or difficult. It is abiding by some set system or rules. It is said that a person who is disciplined has his life on the right track. Discipline might require some restraints and restrictions on general life, but these are intended for long-term good only.

Maintaining discipline is expected in every sphere and aspect of life. A child must be taught discipline right from the beginning at home. He should have a time for all the activities and should follow them. Slowly, this will become his routine and he will start following it naturally. Even at school discipline is maintained. One has to reach school on time, attend classes, have lunch on time and then get back home when its time. There are some rules set by the institution and these have to be followed.

Along with educational institutes, discipline is there in other places too – offices, courts, hospitals, private corporations etc. There are certain set of rules which need to be followed in every place and being disciplined means following them well.

In personal life too, it is important to maintain discipline. This does not mean that one should not have fun or indulge in relaxing activities. There is a limit to everything and the right time for everything. Following that as much as possible will keep you disciplined. With a bit of order and discipline, it is possible to have a worthy and stable life. Life becomes organized with less chaos and mess by following a little discipline. Try today and see the difference!

By Maanasi