Speech on Importance of Traffic Rules

Speech on Importance of Traffic Rules

Wishing everyone present here a very good morning. Today I have been asked to deliver a speech on importance of traffic rules.

Every morning when we open up the newspaper, there are innumerable news of accidents taking place here and there. The same applies when we watch news on some television channel. One main reason for the same is the increasing numbers of vehicles on the roads. The dimensions of the roads remain the same while the numbers of vehicles running on them continuously increase.

The second reason is that everyone today seems to be in a hurry of crossing the other and going first. Overtaking has become extremely common and is one of the leading causes of accidents on roads. People race their vehicles even on the busiest of roads ignoring the dangers that associated with such rash driving.

Not following traffic rules and ignoring the same is also a cause for accidents. Right from school, we have been taught about traffic lights, the colors used in the same and the meaning of the colors. There are people who refuse to stop their vehicles when the light turns red leading to accidents. Many people start their vehicles when the light is still yellow and not yet green. A road-crosser might be hit in the process. Using the zebra crossing at vital crossings is also very important. When the traffic light is green for walking, walk on the zebra crossing. Jaywalking and zigzagging on a busy road is also a cause for accident.

Many people listen to music on their headphones while driving or talk to their friends on the phone. This is dangerous. Drinking and driving and breaking traffic rules also needs special mention here. Whatever be your age and whatever vehicle you might be driving, you must never forget the importance of traffic rules.

By Maanasi