Speech on Importance of Trees

Speech on Importance of Trees

Good morning to all the people present here today. I am here to deliver a speech on a common but very important topic – importance of trees.

You might have heard lots of talks and discussions taking place on various environmental matters and how environmentalists are extremely worried about the same. Among the various components, which comprise the environment, trees need special mention. Just imagine a world where there are no trees, no greenery. What a dry, drab and lifeless place the world would be. Well, to be frank, it would also mean the end of life on the planet.

The importance of trees in our life is nothing less than that of close family. Trees produce oxygen, which we breathe in. Without that we wouldn’t be alive at all. It helps in bringing rainfall. It provides food for humans, animals and other living organisms. It is the place of shelter of many living creatures. Trees try helping in maintaining balance in environment in various ways. Trees counter the ill effects of pollution, deforestation, urbanization, industrialization, global warming etc. in best possible manner. The weather cycle, water cycle, carbon cycle and many other important cycles are disrupted today for various reasons. Trees try and balance the ill effects. They also prevent soil erosion.

Trees play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity in nature. Forests are natural habitats for wild animals. They are born there, live there, reproduce and spend their whole lives in forests. With trees being cut off randomly, these animals are becoming homeless. This has led to extinction of many species of animals and birds and other living creatures.

Along with balancing biodiversity and environment, trees have social and economic value as well. There is a huge population of the world who are dependent on trees for their income and sustenance. There are many trees which have high commercial significance. Special mention also needs to be made of medicinal and herbal plants.

Understanding the importance of trees, we must plant more and more of them for our earth.

By Maanasi