Speech on Importance of Value Education

Speech on Importance of Value Education

Good morning to all respected people present here. I am standing here to deliver a speech on the importance of value education.

The importance of value education cannot be undermined in any manner. This is the reason in many countries, it has been included in the school curriculum. However, there are still many schools where value education has not been included. Whatever be the case, there is one fundamental fact which cannot be ignored. And it is that without good values and morals children cannot grow up to responsible people and good human beings. Having a sound system of values is therefore an integral part of an individual.

Imbibing values in a child should begin right at home. It is the duty of the parents to start imbibing the values in a child from the beginning. It is believed that these values remain with the child lifelong. Respecting elders, loving your friends, helping people in need, being humble, speaking politely etc. are some of the most important values which we must learn. Honesty, sympathy and tolerance are also very vital values that one must learn and keep implementing in our lives.

Education is important for sure, but value education is all the more important. It is because value education will make you the real person. You might earn a lot of money, wear the most expensive attires, live in the most luxurious house or drive the fanciest of cars – but without proper values and manners, a person will be able to make no impact. If one is rude, impolite, non-cooperative, unwilling to help, he will become a repulsive person. No one would like to talk to him, keep connections with him and so on.

It is sad to note that the lack of values in our lives is adding to all the miseries and problems of the society. People have become selfish and overlooking these most vital manners and values, which actually define life in the real sense.

By Maanasi