Speech on Importance of Yoga

Speech on Importance of Yoga

Good morning all. I am here today to deliver a speech on importance of yoga.

Exercising is important for everyone as it helps in keeping good physical and mental health. Among the various kinds of exercises which have proved to be highly effective, yoga needs special mention. If you take a look around, you will see that innumerable people today practice daily as a part of their daily regimen.

Though yoga has become a latest trend today, it had been practiced in India since ancient times. Sages and hermits along with common people practiced yoga to maintain good physical health as well as mental health. It is said that through yoga, the mind and the body can be brought together. There are various kinds of yoga poses and their main aim is to reduce stress and encourage relaxation in the best possible manner.

Yoga is important as it brings about various kinds of benefits. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Yoga helps in relieving feelings of anxiety to quite an extent
  • Yoga works wonders for dealing with one of the biggest problems of today – stress
  • Yoga plays a crucial role in improving heart and cardiovascular health
  • It helps in dealing with the problem of chronic inflammation in the body
  • Depression can be tackled in a very effective manner with the help of yoga
  • On practicing yoga regularly, your quality of sleep will get better
  • People suffering from chronic pain have got lot of relief from the same by regular practice of yoga.
  • You can enjoy better balance and flexibility by practicing yoga regularly
  • Since yoga involves controlled breathing patterns, your breathing can be improved greatly with yoga
  • Healthy eating habits are promoted by yoga as it teaches to enjoy the process of eating to every bit
  • If you suffer from excruciating migraine pains, yoga could be a natural remedy to the same
  • Yoga improves attention and concentration in individuals.

To summarize, yoga improves overall quality of life in people.

By Maanasi