Essay on Mother and Her Importance


The female parent of a baby is known as a mother. They bear the children and take care of them until they are fully grown.

A mother can be either biological or not. This is because a woman can adopt a child while others can volunteer to be surrogates. However, a mother is respected for contributing to the continuity of life.

A mother is someone who guides, protects, feeds, and loves you. They are patient and ready to understand our feelings and behaviors.

There is no specific meaning of a mother since she can be defined endlessly. She is a friend, disciplinarian, and protector. She can sacrifice her life and everything for the sake of her children.

The importance of a mother in our lives is a wide topic worth discussing.

Importance of a mother

  • A mother provides food for her children. She breastfeeds the baby and starts weaning him/her so that they can grow stronger.
  • She understands our needs and acts as a helper. When you have a difficult situation, a mother is always there to give you what you need.
  • They help to create life. It is logic that without a mother, life would not exist. You could not have been born.
  • She nurtures her children since they are born.
  • Mothers are the first teacher that everyone had. Any form of motherhood teaches kids the basics of life.
  • They have unconditional love for their children.
  • A mother acts as a technician during your young days. She repairs any broken toys you give her.
  • She acts as a protector. She does not let you exposed to danger even after you are grown up.
  • Mothers are kind and caring. They share everything they have with their children and are very careful when they handle them.
  • Mothers cook for the families. Although sometimes we cook, they made it their responsibility and makes the dinner and breakfast most of the time.
  • A mother never gives up on her children. She strongly believes in them and will never abandon them when they fail.
  • Also, she is a great mentor or advisor to her children. She tells them the reality of life and cautions them not to do bad things.
  • She is a source of joy to the family. A mother would play some games with you to make you smile.
  • They make children grow with good manners. This disciplinary role is played with great care without harming the child and yet proves to be effective, something only a mom can do.
  • A mother helps in the spiritual growth of the children. They teach you the basics of her religion and strengthen your faith.
  • They also provide financial support to us. She pays for your school fees and other expenditures.
  • A mother acts as a trainer. She teaches practical skills to children such as knitting, cooking, etc.
  • Finally, a mother motivates her kids. This includes buying them gifts or taking them for a trip.


The importance of any form of motherhood is endless. As the children grow and leave their parents often, the mother will still be concerned about their well-being. Not to underestimate a father but it is her love for the family that keeps it united. Therefore, a mother deserves respect.

By Winnie