Essay on Peace – Meaning and Importance

Peace – Meaning

Simply put, peace is harmony. The meaning and importance of peace can be defined using different scenarios. Individually, when you are free from internal battles on decisions you have made or free from any emotional disturbance, you are at peace. You have no stress and you can hear yourself think without having your thoughts clouded by worry and indecision. Peace can be defined based on happenings in a social setting. Are you at peace with your friends or neighbours? Are you at peace in your workplace or is office politics putting you down? Peace can also be looked at nationally/ internationally. Is your country at peace with other countries or are there disagreements which are creating tensions between your nation and another? 

Importance of peace

  • Personal development

Being at peace with yourself is important because you will be able to make rational decisions. These decisions may have to do with your relationship, career, lifestyle, and general well being. It is difficult to make rational decisions when your mind is in turmoil. Irrational choices made during moments of conflict are often regretted yet it may not be possible to reverse them. More importantly, being at peace allows you to enjoy life. You get to read your favourite book, visit your favourite places and be with your loved ones. It is also easier to laugh when at peace.

  • Social development

Community development is only possible if people living in the area are in harmony. It is easier to agree on steps to take to build the community. People make decisions for the well-being of one another. Peace brings out the best in everyone. Selfishness and mockery cannot co-exist with an order. Being in harmony with your neighbour fosters good relationships which trickle down to the relationship between children.

  • National development

War destroys. Countries which have no peace and are in constant conflict with other countries face economic challenges. Unfortunately, this is because more time is spent fighting instead of building. By fostering good relationships with other nations, a nation will develop trading partnerships which will lead to economic growth. Economic growth, in turn, results in increased employment opportunities, better social amenities, and a healthy economy.


Peace brings out the human side of people. Humanity is only possible if people interact and live in harmony with one another. It is something we should aspire to do. It should not matter who the peacemaker is. You lose nothing by taking the first step in building harmonious relationships with those around you.

By Ranjan