Essay on Pleasure of Reading

Essay on Pleasure of Reading

People read and learn for various reasons. Some read for entertainment, others read to understand, and some read to know. According to experts, reading is healthy and necessary. The more we engage in reading, our minds become sharper and creative. People read different materials depending on their taste and preference. Some materials are educative; others are entertainers. What exactly is this reading? Reading is the process that involves decoding characters and symbols. However, as much as we read, it’s okay to always do pleasure reading at times.

What is pleasure reading? Pleasure reading is a cognitive process of decoding words for fun. In short, it is a primary reading process for enjoyment. It involves reading magazines, novels, articles and genres that include the non-fiction and fiction stories. Pleasure reading is important for various reasons. They help people to relax their minds, entertain themselves, get awareness of current social issues and so forth. In addition to that, it encourages engagement and motivation to learners as they partake other serious studies. As much as serious studies are important, pleasure reading is also a necessary primary reading skill.

Advantages of Pleasure Reading

  • Pleasure reading relaxes our minds and body. When you engage in this reading, you enjoy more and keep your mind free from stressful thoughts.
  • It helps students keep track of the current social issues. That is by reading magazines and journals.
  • It is a healthy leisure activity that young people can engage in.
  • Pleasure reading discourages idleness among the youth and young people.
  • Some of these pieces are educative when it comes to real-life issues and situations.
  • Some pieces help you improve your grammar and English vocabularies.
  • Pleasure reading help teens to understand real-life situations better and solve situations.
  • Pleasure reading entertains the minds’ and body of the readers.
  • It helps students to improve their memory and creativity. Therefore, their memories and creativity are better.

Disadvantages of Pleasure Reading

  • When done excessively, it’s a wastage of time. As a result of that, people tend to focus less on other important issues.
  • Pleasure reading is destructive. Many young people tend to read for pleasure even when it is unnecessary.
  • Pleasure reading is expensive. Many pleasure-related texts are expensive; therefore, they are wastage of resources.
  • Some of the pleasure reading texts cause psychological issues to some young people all thanks to the fictional stories that some tend to encode.
  • It is addictive. As a result of that, many people tend to spend all their hours on journals, magazines, and


Reading is a part of our every day’s life. That is, we take part in reading now and then either imtentionally or unintentionally. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, we all take part in reading in our every day’s life. Reading for pleasure has its advantages and disadvantages. From the above discussion, you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of pleasure reading and determine whether it’s worth your time or not.

By Maureen