Essay on Respect

Not many people know how important it is to be respectful. It is a quality that is truly appreciated in every part of the world by everyone, but it is not one that is always practiced. While some people may see respect as a dying character trait in the world, others practice being respectful faithfully every day. A deep admiration held for someone or something because of their abilities, achievements, or qualities, respect is a quality that still carries great admiration by many because it is the one trait that lets others see the true character of a person. It is also a quality that is usually used as a first impression when first meeting someone. It is the only character trait in the world that people love about others, but find it hard to come across with some. It is something that a lot of people practice because they hope to express to others the importance of respect.

Even though respect is something that should be practiced by everyone, there are many reasons why it is important to practice it in the world. Some of these reasons include:

Positives For Respect

  • Role Model – Having respect for others, puts you in the position of being a role model to children and showing them how to behave in classrooms as well as with their elders.
  • Acceptance – Showing others respect also means that you accept them for who they are even if they say or do something that you do not agree with. Respect is also shown through acceptance, even if others look different from you.
  • Trust – Respect towards others and your relationships builds a feeling of trust and safety. Others know that they can hold you to your word when you give respect to them.
  • Confidence – Showing respect builds confidence in others. It also shows children how to have confidence in themselves with the respect they show others.
  • Tolerance – With respect to others, even if you do not like or agree with a person, showing respect gives you more tolerance, which gives better moral character and strength.
  • No Damaged Relationships – When you respect others, you do not have to worry about damaging any relationship you may have with them. Even making certain decisions in regards to others, shows respect. This will also help your relationship grow.
  • Get it Back – It is an old saying that many still follow today, but many believe that to get respect, you must give respect. This is important for people all over the world. If you do not give respect, people find it hard to respect and in some cases even talk to you. You may even be viewed as someone who is rude, which will make others distance themselves away from you.


Having respect is a quality that many may find hard to carry, but once it is practiced, some will acknowledge how respectable you are. Many will always view people who are respectable as being pushovers, but it is also hard to maintain disrespect towards those who work hard to hold respect. Therefore, respect is a quality that is hard for many to have and to carry, but once you achieve being respectable, others will give you the valued respect you deserve.

By Leatra