Essay on Robot and Their Importance


Technology over the years has come with many new names and in many new ways. From the introduction of computers to the advanced uses in the technology of the telephone, these devices have become our day to day lifesavers. Since the introduction of many new technology devices, the world has seen the advancements of voice use being used for the telephones, apps, and even doors. This form of robotic use in the world has become a trend that has passed through many countries, with newer versions of a smarter voice command or robot form technology taking over. However, with robots taking on a new form of features to be more human-like, people have found a way to use these life-like androids for everything from erotic pleasures to learning how to drive. A human-like machine with the ability to function automatically and with human-like movements, robots are becoming a bigger part of the future for all countries.

Importance of Robots

Robots in our day to day lives have proven to be advanced technology that is needed for survival in many parts of the world. However, there are many other reasons, why robots have become a necessity in our lives. Some of these reasons are:

  • Production of Cars – Without robotic automation, the automobile industry would not be where it is today. Robotic automation perform tasks that humans cannot perform and make car travel safer. Robots in this industry also never get tired or at risk of health issues, with many of them performing welding, painting, and installation tasks.
  • Space Exploration – Astronauts are given the opportunity to use robots in space, with the remotely operated vehicles being an important robotic device used for space exploration. Remote manipulator systems, which are used for many different space missions are also important robotic devices used by the astronauts for space exploration.
  • Underwater Exploring – Robots have made a name for themselves by being useful for underwater explorations. They have changed the way humans look at marine life. With the help of robots, we are able to see the deeper parts of the ocean and for longer periods of time. There are also remote operated vehicles used under water for gathering images and underwater life.
  • Fighting Crime – Robots have been used to help police officers without putting their lives at risk. The police also have robots that climbs stairs and is waterproof. This robot has a 360-degree camera that helps with catching criminals.

More Reasons Why Robots Are Important

  • Used In All Work Situations – Robots can be programmed to operate for 24 hours a day when used for some businesses. These robots are usually used after people have gone home and to keep the business going.
  • Medical Use – Robotic automation are used in the medical field in various ways. One of the uses of robots in the medical field is the use of performing surgery. They are able to reach where the human hands can’t. The advancement of robots in the medical field will only continue to bring miracles and save more lives in the future.
  • Courtesy Robots – People are starting to see that robots can be used as more than a tool to fix things. There have even been suggestions that robots may take over opening doors or making food in some restaurants in the coming years.


Today’s world is at the peak of robots being more advanced than seen in recent years. From building cars to opening doors, the coming years of robots being more advanced are around the corner. For many, it is a welcome for them to be more involved in their homes and maybe even more involved in fixing their cars. With many being more aware of how much of an impact robots will have on the future, some people are hoping to see this change of the typical home come in their lifetime.

By Leatra