Essay on Teachers’ Day and Its Importance

Teachers’ day

Teachers’ day is a special day that has been set to appreciate all teachers. This may be done by honoring the roles they contribute in a community or a certain field. In most cases, celebrations are organized for the same.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was the second President of India and his birth date became the ‘Teachers’ day’ in India. September 5 has been used as the big day to honor the teachers since 1962.

However, National Teachers’ Day is not considered as a holiday although ceremonial activities are carried out to recognize certain staff, headmasters, and teachers.

Immediately you were done the learning from a parent, you gradually went to school and found a teacher. He or she taught you more things and encouraged you to learn. You have spent a large part of your life learning from various teachers. We should not forget the importance of teachers in our lives.

Importance of Teachers’ day

  • In India, teachers’ day is celebrated to pay tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on his birth date. This is because he was a teacher and a philosopher who valued education.
  • Teachers’ day gives us a chance to appreciate the efforts of the teachers all over the country.
  • We celebrate the day since teaching is a practice that never ends. Everywhere you go you will need a teacher.
  • Teachers’ day makes the teachers understand their worth.
  • This day allows some teachers to be rewarded by the schools, communities or students.
  • The day motivates teachers to continue doing selfless work to enlighten the society.
  • Teachers’ day also shows appreciation of the whole teaching profession. Every teacher feels that they belong to a team that changes many lives.
  • Due to the recognition of this day, people remember certain teachers who made an impact on their lives.
  • Although teachers might have helped people in the past, most people wait until Teachers’ day in order to thank them for their work.
  • Teachers are appreciated for their disciplinary actions. They mold students to have good behaviors such as avoiding drug abuse.
  • On this day, teachers realize their capabilities in transforming students from illiteracy to become intellectuals.
  • Teachers’ day encourages teachers to continue preparing the students to be good future citizens and professionals.
  • It also unites the students to honor their teachers and gurus. They even take this honor to the social media by tagging some teachers in their appreciation posts.
  • Students also celebrate their former schools on teachers’ day. They are even ready to support their initiatives.
  • It helps to recognize teaching as the mother of all the other professions. Engineers, mathematicians, physicians, doctors, and others must pass through a teacher.
  • Teachers’ day encourages teachers to mentor more students when they need support.
  • This is also a special day when teachers’ union raise their arguments and complaints to the government such as benefits, salaries, and offer recommendations.
  • The day encourages teamwork among teachers so that they can make the learning easier.
  • There are indoor and outdoor games organized for teachers to have fun on this day.
  • Teachers’ day allows informal chatting of teachers and the students which makes develop different points of view.


Teachers have played great roles over the decades. They teach new topics to students, guide them on how to tackle problems, mentor them, and reward them. Although it is a profession, it is more of a calling in its own kind.

Since they go unappreciated most of the time, it is should be our responsibility to honor them during National Teachers’ Day.

By Winnie