Essay on Village

Essay on Village

As much as a lot of people live in the cities, it is important to recognize and appreciate the set-up of a village and all the people who live there. Their contribution to the achievement of each nation is equally important to that of the people living in urban areas. This piece will come into details about the village, and it’s constituted. It will give you a vivid picture of what a village is. To learn more, read through the entire article.

What is a Village?

A village is a group of small buildings and houses which is situated in a rural area. A village is smaller than a town regarding size, population, development, and facilities available. It operates under the leadership of the local government. Unlike towns, villages are perfectly populated, and people have their own space. As a result of that, it is a perfect place to settle in. People in the village are known to regard high their cultures which are embraced by the people in the village.

Some of the virtues embraced in the community are; sharing, confidence, patience, responsibility taking, love and commitment to what a person endorses in.

Advantages of a village

  • They are spacious. As a result of that, People can live comfortably in their homes, unlike urban places where space is limited.
  • In the village, the environment is pollution
  • Low cost of living in villages.
  • Villages have more avenues for social network because people have time to talk and share among themselves.
  • In villages, there is plenty of fresh food to eat.
  • People in the villages are more friendly and
  • In villages, there is real beauty when it comes to nature.
  • People are more helpful in villages than in towns or cities.
  • Life in the village is stress-free and healthy.
  • Life in the village is more secure compared to the life in the city which has a high crime rate.
  • There is the availability of adequate clean water.
  • There is full calmness, relaxation, and peace when it comes to life in the village

Disadvantages of a village

  • People in the village miss the opportunities and conveniences of life in the city.
  • In the villages, there is poor infrastructure and poor social amenities.
  • There is a huge number of illiterate people in the villages.
  • Many people in the village do not understand the importance of perfect health.


With the Information above, it is clear that life in the village is as good a place to live that any other place. However, people have their taste and preferences. As a result of that, they have a right to choose where to live. With the details above, I am sure you can settle for a better choice when it comes to where you want to live.

By Maureen