Essay on War

 War – Essay

In history, war is a situation that a lot of countries and continents have faced. A lot of people talk of war, but what exactly is the meaning of the word war? War is a period or situation where groups of people and countries are fighting. War generally involves the utilization of military organizations, dangerous weapons, and soldiers. In some circumstances, war is used to enforce laws and rules in a country. Despite that, it’s also impossible to miss the side effects of war.

War is grouped into multiple categories. They include the cold war, colonial war, border war, invasion, religious war, nuclear war and so forth. Each type of war differs from the other either due to the weapons uses, the reason for the war and the people involved.

The negative effects of war are discussed below. Read on to find out!

  1. War leads to the destruction of properties. In a war scenario, there tends to be the destruction of houses, properties, companies, farms, and
  2. It leads to the loss of human life and animal lives. Loss of lives is a common effect whenever a place or country faces war.
  3. Economic losses when it comes to the countries facing war in a given time. With the destruction of properties, it’s no secret that the involved countries will face major economic losses.
  4. It leads to the destruction of the environment. Destruction can be as a result of intended fires, explosion, and other dangerous weapons.
  5. In some war scenarios, there is long-time destruction of human health and other lives.
  6. Children may suffer from psychological problems due to the war terror, tension and horror that the children tend to experience.
  7. It leads to the destruction of academic years for both teens and children.
  8. In some cases, kids may lose their culture and their entire lives. There is food insecurity. Whenever a country faces war, its economic level goes down leading to low food security.
  9. It leads to Stagnation of the country’s development. War leads to poor development of states, countries, regions, and areas undergoing war.
  10. War generally causes human misery due to all the negative effects of war.
  11. It leads to poor technological issues in the area suffering from war.
  12. War leads to the loss of important soldiers and important weapons.
  13. It causes fear among people in areas suffering from war.
  14. It leads to general loss and destruction.


As much as the world is an interesting and great place to live, we cannot ignore all the problems that it has. War is one of the major issues that remain a bother to our everyday living. War has its external and internal causes. However, we all have our parts to play when it comes to reducing war cases. With the absence of war, our lives are bigger and better.

By Maureen