Essay on Waste Management

Essay on Waste Management

It is no secret that every single family produce a lot of waste that the main reason why you will never miss a disposal bin in every single house. As much as we dispose of waste in these bins, it’s not a perfect method of managing our waste. When it comes to waste disposal, waste management is the best way to manage our waste.

What waste Management means?

The term waste management comes from the word waste, and it’s management. In other words, waste management is the name used to refer to the collection, disposal, and transportation, monitoring and recycling of waste. In addition to that, it also refers to all the waste material that comes around thanks to different human activities. The main importance of managing waste materials is to avoid the negative effects that it may result in the environment and human health.

There are different types of waste that human activities results into and that we need to manage. They include liquid waste, solid rubbish, hazardous waste, recyclable waste, organic waste, and others. These types of waste materials are manageable but using very different methods. Different places use different activities to manage waste depending on the available resources. Read on to find out the types of waste management activities.

Types of Waste Management

These are the activities or methods that are used to manage different waste materials.

The landfill is a common waste management method involves burying all the waste materials in the ground.

Recycling of recyclable materials: this is a method that involves reprocessing of used waste materials and coming up with another useful item that the people can put into use.

Incineration: this is yet another waste dumping method that involves combustion of different waste materials.

Collection and transportation of waste materials: this is a disposal method that a lot of cities and towns put into use where lorries collect and transport waste materials for perfect disposal methods.

Creation of awareness: this is a great waste management method where environment specialists educate all the members of the public all about waste management. With that, people become more responsible when it comes to managing waste.

Reusing of some waste materials: this is an excellent waste disposal method where people put into use different waste materials for other purposes.

Importance of Waste Management

It eliminates adverse effects that can be a result of improper waste disposal methods.

Waste management protects the environment.

When it comes to recycling, you can save money.

Waste management keeps people safe from dangerous health-related diseases and infections.


Waste management is an important part of our everyday living. These are activities that we can’t live without in our lives. With perfect waste management activities, you are certain to be free from all the adverse effects that are as a result of waste materials. Manage all waste materials and manage your life.

By Maureen