Importance of Solar Energy – Essay

Importance of Solar Energy – Essay

The natural energy which we get form sun is known as Solar Energy. This energy can be used directly to heat things and also generate electricity which helps in many ways. This energy is also helpful in many industrial and also commercial purposes along with solar cooling and also for hot water heating too. Coming to the power, which is packed in the sun, the whole world which includes different species, living beings and many more depends on this power acquired from the sun.

Sun not only provides power, but it also gives light and the warmth to the whole universe. The distance between the earth and the sun is more than 93 million miles away, but this sun energy is helpful in plant growth stimulation and also provides necessary amount of vitamin D for all the mammals on the earth. The earth’s weather and also the water cycle are influenced by this sun energy.

Some part of sun’s energy which falls on the earth is captured by the human beings and is converted into a power which can later be used for many purposes. These general practical uses by this power are heating, cooking and also many more every day appliances which require power. This process of saving the energy will help people in saving money and also keeps the earth clean too. This sun energy is completely renewable so this says that there will not be any lack of sunshine in this world. This dependency on the natural sources like sun will also help in decreasing the dependency of usage of oil and coal too. Oil and coal are two common alternatives which are used other than power for many purposes such as- cooking, lighting up things, heating and many more everyday tasks.

Importance of solar energy on the modern technology:-

This solar power technology has evolved in many ways from the past few decades and these systems are much more efficient and have a very huge demand too. These systems are also made highly affordable for both the commercial customers and also for the residential customers too. These solar panels which provide solar energy are very slim and sleek along with being more attractive too. With modern building constructions and such, these solar panels go well with the roofs by adding some style and also value to the home. Natural sources are similar to the human resources

Reasons why solar energy is to be used:-

It is highly recommended using natural solar energy as it has many advantages in it. Some of the main reasons why this solar energy is to be used are mentioned here. They are:-

  1. Solar power is very good for the whole environment.
  2. The house will be freed from the grid of natural gas and coal by using this solar electricity.
  3. The land, which is underutilized can use this solar power.
  4. Less electricity loss is guaranteed with this solar electricity.
  5. Solar power also improves the grid security.
  6. New jobs and also the economic growth are created by solar power.
  7. Solar power is always a free source of energy

By: Deepika