Negative Effects of Playing Video Games – Essay

Negative Effects of Playing Video Games – Essay

As much as technology has made life more fun and enjoyable, we should not miss noticing the damage it is causing to our future generations. Video games are one of the most popular modern technological entertainment means for our young teens. What are these video games? Video games are modern programs that are designed to be manipulated electronically on different visual displays. These games involve interaction with different user interfaces to give back feedback. They are made and produced to the public through different video games platforms

Video games are of different genres depending on the user’s interest and preference. These genres include actions video games, adventures, real-time strategy, puzzle, sports, combat, and others. With the different genres, every single user can settle for his or her ultimate choice. As much as these video games are fun, it is clear that they cause a lot of harm than good.

This article will go into details about all the negative effects that come around all thanks to the video games. Read on to find out

  • Addiction to gaming-playing video games is addictive, and this leads to wastage of time. In addition to that, there is wastage of resources when it comes to online related video games.
  • Aggression in young teens-due to the increased aggressive games in the net, many young people have become intolerant and aggressive to people.
  • Poor performance in school is yet another negative effects of playing video games. Poor performance is as a result of is many young people never having time to concentrate on their studies. Instead, they spend most of their time on video games.
  • Bad effect on the health-playing video games excessively results to obesity.
  • It leads to preoccupation. A lot of young people are ever playing video games; therefore, they never participate in other interests’ activities.
  • It leads to suffering relationships. Relationships between family members and friends suffer in case the young teens suffer from addiction.
  • Eye strains. Long hours when watching and playing video games results to eye problems among the teens.
  • Electronics affect the normal sleep cycle of kids. Consequently, young people fail to have enough sleep.
  • It causes potential mental health issues for young people.
  • Playing video games results in young people becoming socially disconnected.
  • Playing video games is a wastage of time hence, it is a bad influence on the teens.


Playing video games is fun and interesting. Unlike those old days, video games have become part of growing up of every child of this generation. However, playing video games has its side effects. Therefore, as much as you want to play video games, it’s only wise to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games. As a result of that, you can know whether to settle for them or not.

By Maureen