Negative effects of stress – Essay

As much as we want to assume that life is a straight line, it is only fair to acknowledge that life has ups and downs. In some cases, these ups and downs are manageable, but at times, some people tend to settle for stress and depression. So, what is stress exactly? Stress is your body’s response to different kinds of demands and threats. Sometimes stress is as a result of real-life issues or just your body’s imagination. In whatever way, that response to a sense of danger is what we call stress in some cases; it’s good or bad.

What are the causes of stress? Stress is as a result of stressors. That is, these are situations and pressures that result in stress. To many people, stress is brought about by negative things. However, what people don’t know is that anything that pressures you or demands so much from you can be stressful. Some of these situations are positive while others are negative.

The main cause of stress is your perception about different situations and events. The way you see a situation or event can cause stress to some of us. Causes of stress can be internal or external. They include; work, financial strains, low self-esteem, unrealistic expectations, and others. What are the Signs of stress? Symptoms and signs of stress can be physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioral. This essay will highlight the negative effects of stress. Read on to find out!

Negative effects of stress

  • It can lead to physical health issues such as headaches which are stressful.
  • Low-concentration in workplaces when it comes to adults facing stress.
  • It causes poor performance in school when it comes to young teens and children suffering from stress.
  • Stress can result in cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and heart issues.
  • Stress leads to muscle tension and back pains due to the tension your body suffers from.
  • With the stressful experiences, your memory tends to be poor and in operational at times.
  • Stress makes it difficult for people to control their emotions.
  • Stress in most cases promotes different diseases and complicated diseases and health issues.
  • Some people suffering from stress grind their teeth as a result of nervousness which will lead to ruining of gums and teeth.
  • Stress promotes premature aging for young teens and children.


Stress is a very dangerous condition for every living being. It has multiple disadvantages to the life of human beings. As a result of that, as much as life is challenging, our perception about life matters. With the above cons, it’s only fair that we find better ways of solving our problems other than settling for stress.

By Maureen