Save Our Wildlife – Essay

It is essential to save our wildlife. Wildlife has become more endangered in the recent past with human population has been encroaching their habitats. Unfortunately, the human population has been multiplying, but land space has remained the same. People have slowly taken over habitats which were once a haven for wildlife. Others have chosen to destroy wildlife through poaching. The targets are elephants for their tusks and rhinos for their horns. We all have a responsibility to protect wildlife.

Importance of saving wildlife

  • Conservation for the future generations

It would be disappointing if the future generations only hear that earth once had wildlife living in their natural habitat. Imagine a life without wildlife tours or a camping trip without wildlife encounters. The presence of these animals gives students the opportunity to build their knowledge of habitats and animals that live in them.

  • Wildlife balances the ecosystem

Wild animals play a crucial role in the balancing of the ecosystem. For example, elephants help to clear vegetation for the smaller animals. They eat at least 80% of their body weight daily. They then help with pollination which allows for the regrowth of vegetation through excretion. Hippos play a significant role in the survival of fish in the waters they live in. This is why fish populations drop and even become extinct when hippos cease to exist in the habitat they co-shared. Without wildlife, the vegetation would be too dense. To avoid this disharmony, wildlife needs to be saved and protected.

  • Revenue collection

Tourism is an essential sector in many economies. National Parks in many countries attract thousands of visitors annually. The income generated contributes to the revenue collected by different economies. Failure to protect wildlife means loss of revenue for many countries. Unemployment would naturally follow since the accommodation facilities and rangers in these parks will be of no use.

Ways to help save wildlife

  • Visit national parks and wildlife reserves

When you visit a wildlife reserve, you will appreciate how wildlife co-exists in their environment. If more people choose to visit the wildlife, importance is attached to it. Communities living around the National Parks will come to appreciate the wildlife. They will protect them. Above all, the entrance fees you will pay will go a long way in ensuring there is personnel to protect the wildlife from harm.

  • Do not purchase products made of ivory

Poachers hunt elephants and rhinos because there is a market for ivory and rhino horns. As long as the demand exists, wildlife is in danger. By refusing to be part of this trade, you are saving an elephant or rhino. If more people took this step, the rhino horn and elephant tusk will be of greater worth on these animals. Stores selling products made out of parts of the animals will have to close or seek alternative businesses which do not cause harm to wildlife.


We all have an important role to play in saving wildlife. Protection of these habitats does not discriminate against age and financial status. There is something we can all do, even if it is simply talking about the value of wildlife. The ratio of those destroying the lives and habitats of these animals is small compared to those interested in saving them.

By Ranjan