Speech on Art and Craft

Speech on Art and Craft

Good morning respected teachers and my dear friends. Today, I have been asked to deliver a small speech about art and craft. Well, we tend to use these words quite frequently, particularly while making references to art and craft classes for kids in school. Almost all schools have a special class for arts and crafts where kids can display their creativity. It has been seen that often hidden talents show their true colors in the art and craft class. While some kid is seen, to draw pictures excellently, some are seen to make extremely beautiful craft items. In this class, children get wings to their imagination and can bring them out via different modes – drawing, coloring, painting, through crafts etc.

The appreciation of art and craft is done globally. We know of innumerable great pieces of art and craft by eminent artists. There are internationally renowned museums and art houses, where such art forms are displayed for public viewing. Not everyone can become a great artist or a brilliant craftsman. Initially the person has to have a knack for the art form and secondly lots of hard work and efforts go into making a great artist. The talent has to be supported and nurtured and nourished so that an artist can bloom in full potential and come out with his best creations.

It is quite interesting to note that there are many varieties of arts and crafts. It completely depends upon the artist as which mode he chooses for displaying his emotions and his creativity. Painting, sculptures, music, dance, other kinds of performing arts, poetry, etc. are some of the most common kinds of art forms. For crafts too, there are many ways of expression. For instance, origami is a very popular Japanese art and craft form, where various kinds of shapes are made with paper.

There are special art and craft schools and institutes, where people can learn various art forms and hone their skills in the same. In case any kind of such talent is noted, it should be encouraged.

By Maanasi