Speech on Hobbies

Speech on Hobbies

Good morning everybody. Today I will be speaking on a very interesting topic – hobby or hobbies. We all have heard about hobbies and even have hobbies.

As per the Oxford English Dictionary, a hobby is a favorite activity of a person which he does in his spare time just for the sake of pleasure. A hobby is no way related to his regular work or business. However, there are some people who are really lucky as their hobby and profession is the same. Such people will never lose interest in their work as their favorite pastime is an integral part of their chore.

A child is not born with a hobby; he is born with some special skills, which need to be explored. Hobbies are developed from the interest of a child. While some children love drawing using different colors, some like to play a musical instrument, some like to read books, some like singing and dancing, some like gardening and so on and so forth. A hobby is something doing which should make you happy; you must derive pleasure out of the process. Hobbies must provide us relaxation – both physically as well as mentally.

Hobbies also keep on changing with age. As a child you might like drawing, but as you grow older, you might find that music is your hobby. There is nothing wrong in it. Until and unless the hobby takes away your stress and rejuvenates you, it is fine.

It is quite interesting to know that there is immense educational value of a hobby. It is the educative impact of hobby which has made it so very important. When you are pursuing any kind of hobby, you are actually undergoing training in different activities, which are of course of your own choice. With these hobbies, your perspectives and horizons of seeing the world are greatly broadened.

Rather than sitting idle in one’s spare time, pursuing some kind of hobby is always a great idea.

By Maanasi